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Sračinec is located in Croatia
Location of Sračinec in Croatia

Sračinec is a village and municipality in Croatia in the Varaždin county. According to the 2001 census, there are 4,714 inhabitants, an absolute majority of which are Croats. Sračinec minincipality consists of two villages, Sračinec, and Svibovec podravski, divided by the hydro-powerplant channel. Population consists of 4835 inhabitants in 1240 households, divided between these two villages :

  • Sračinec - 3891 inhabitants, 1171 households
  • Svibovec Podravski - 944 inhabitants, 268 households

Data source - census 2011, page 42

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Flag of the municipality of Sračinec

Coordinates: 46°19′45.84″N 16°16′44.04″E / 46.3294000°N 16.2789000°E / 46.3294000; 16.2789000