Srikakulam district

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Srikakulam district
శ్రీకాకుళం జిల్లా
Chicacole district
District of Andhra Pradesh
Clockwise from Top Left: Buddha Statue in Nagavali River at Srikakulam, Arasavilli Temple, Palasa Railway station, Srikurmam Temple, Eastern Ghats at Palkonda, Salihundam Buddhist Remains
Clockwise from Top Left: Buddha Statue in Nagavali River at Srikakulam, Arasavilli Temple, Palasa Railway station, Srikurmam Temple, Eastern Ghats at Palkonda, Salihundam Buddhist Remains
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
Region Coastal Andhra
District Srikakulam
 • Total 5,837 km2 (2,254 sq mi)
Elevation 10 m (30 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 2,537,597
 • Density 403/km2 (1,040/sq mi)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 532 001
Telephone code 08942
Vehicle registration AP30
Srikakulam district mandals map

Srikakulam District, formerly known as Chicacole, is the extreme northeastern district of Andhra Pradesh, situated within the geographic co-ordinates of 18°-20’ and 19°-10’ N and 83°-50’ and 84°-50’ E. The district is skirted to a distance by Kandivalasagedda, Vamsadhara and Bahuda at certain stretches of their courses white a line of heights of the great Eastern Ghats run from North East. Vizianagaram District flanks in the south and west while Odisha bounds it on the north and Bay of Bengal on the East. It is the third least populous district of Andhra Pradesh (out of 23), after Vizianagaram and Nizamabad.[1]


The district derived its name from Srikakulam its headquarters town.

Mandasa Vasudeva Temple
Salihundam Historic Buddhist Remains Site

srikakulam famous temples Arasavalli Suryanarayanaswamy, Sreekurmam Kurmanadha Devalayam & Sri Mukhalingam Sri Mmukhalingeswara Alayam


Srikakulam District was carved out in 1950 by bifurcating it from Visakhapatnam District, it remained unaffected in its territorial jurisdiction for quite some time. But in November, 1969 the district lost 63 Villages from Saluru Taluk and 44 Villages from Bobbili Taluk on account of their transfer to the then newly constituted Gajapathinagaram Taluk of Visakhapatnam District. Again in May, 1979, the district had undergone major territorial changes on account of the formation of new District with headquarters at Vizianagaram which involved transfer of Salur, Bobbili, Parvathipuram and Cheepurupalli Taluks to the new District.Srikakulam's culture is a blend of traditional festivals, food, music and theatres.[2]


Srikakulam district occupies an area of 5,837 square kilometres (2,254 sq mi),[3] comparatively equivalent to Australia's Melville Island.[4] Srikakulam district can be divided into two main distinct natural divisions. A portion of Srikakulam district is plain terrain with intense agriculture and another portion of the district is rocky and hilly terrain covered with forests. Some extent of Mahendragiri hills also covers Srikakulam district. Most of the forest area of the plain terrain has been damaged by intense agriculture. Kotthuru, Hiramandalam, Pathapatnam, Kalingadal reservoir and some other areas are still covered with dense forests.

Srikakulam is located 100 km (62 mi) north of Visakhapatnam. It has a population of 2,537,593 of which 10.98% is urban as of 2001.[5]

Srikakulam district has the longest coast line about 193 km (120 mi) in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is bordered by Odisha on the north, Vizianagaram district on the west and south, Bay of Bengal on the east.


  • Champavati
  • Bahuda
  • Kumbhikota Gedda
  • Suvarnamukhi
  • Vegavati
  • Gomukhi

The Nagavali and Vamsadhara are the major rivers in Srikakulam district. These two river basins together constitute about 5% of the area. The Mahendratanaya and Bahuda rivers are two minor river basins in the district. Others are Benjigedda, Peddagedda, Kandivalasa gedda.[6]

Irrigation projects[edit]

Irrigation water societies[edit]

(Telugu = Neeti Sanghalu): The societies are major and minor:

  • In the major category for Vamsadhara project 54 water societies are present and other 44 major societies to a total of 100 major
  • Minor societies are 402
  • Through the 38 Mandals in the Srikakulam district these societies are distributed under the channel name and for each society there are Pradesika Societies about 6-8 will be elected among the farmers. In the Srikakulam district about 75,000 farmer voters are participating in these Irrigation water society elections.



Medical colleges[edit]

B.Ed colleges[edit]

  • Gurajada College of Education, Munasabpeta,SINGUPURAM
  • Sri Sai Sirisha College of Education, Kasibugga
  • Rangamudri College of Education, Iruvada
  • Sri Radhakrishnan College of Education, Palakonda
  • Dr. C.L Naidu College of Education, Palakonda
  • R.L.N. Dora College of Education
  • B.S & J.R College of Education, Tekkali
  • Sri GCSR College of Education, Rajam
  • Sri Venkateswara College of Education
  • Mitra College of Education-Srikakulam Town
  • Vamsadhara College of Education, Kotabommali
  • Ravoof & Vazir Khan Memorial College of Education
  • Vidyadhari college, Besides LIC office Srikakulam Town
  • SSR College of Education, Srikakulam

Government PG colleges[edit]

  • Government Degree College For Men,Srikakulam
  • Government Degree College, Narasannapeta
  • Government degree&pg college, Tekkali

Government Degree colleges[edit]

  • Government Degree College for Men, Srikakulam
  • Government Degree College, Tekkali
  • Government Degree College, Baruva
  • Government Degree College, Narasannapeta
  • Government Degree College, Ichapuram
  • Government Degree College, Palakonda
  • Government Degree College, Amadalavalasa
  • Government Degree College, Pathapatnam

Engineering colleges[edit]

  • Shiva Rama Krishna College of Engineering & Technology, Technovalley, Turakalakota, Nandigam(M), Srikakulam(D).
  • Mithra Inst.of Technology, Mithra Hospital Complex
  • Aditya Institute of Technology & Management
  • GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam
  • Sarada Institute of Science & Technology And Management,AMPOL ROAD,NEAR SINGUPURAM
  • Prajna Instt. of Tech. & Mgmt
  • Sri Sivani College of Engg
  • Sri Sivani Inst. of Tech., Chilakapalem Jn. Etcherla (M)
  • Sri Vaishnavi College of Engg., Singupuram (V), Srikakulam (M)
  • Sri Venkateswara College of Engg. & Tech., Etcherla

software companies[edit]


Khadi Weaving at Ponduru, Srikakulam district. Khadi from Ponduru is famous among Khadi lovers of the entire country


Household indicators[edit]

In 2007–2008 the International Institute for Population Sciences interviewed 1025 households in 44 villages across the district.[8] They found that 86.9% had access to electricity, 70.4% had drinking water, 18.5% toilet facilities, and 47.2% lived in a pucca (permanent) home.[8] 31.5% of girls wed before the legal age of 18[9] and 90.1% of interviewees carried a BPL card.[8]


Srikakulam Road-Jn. Railway Station


Major Railway Stations

  • Amadalavalasa (Srikakulam Road) Code: CHE
  • Palasa Code: PSA
  • Naupada : NPD (JN)
  • Ichchapuram Code:IPM
  • Sompeta Code: SPT

Bus Depots[edit]


  • Srikakulam 1
  • Srikakulam 2
  • Palasa
  • Tekkali
  • Palakonda

Notable Persons[edit]

Freedom Fighters[edit]

  • 'Jana Nayak' Chowdary Satyanarayana (Taamra Patra Graheeta)
  • 'Sardar' Gautu Lachanna (Taamra Patra Graheeta)
  • Garimella Satyanarayana

Poets, Writers[edit]




Social Activists[edit]

  • Thandra Aruna
  • Thandra Prakash

Places for tourism[edit]

Historical places[edit]

Arasavilli Suryanarayana Temple in Srikakulam
Srikurmam Temple
Mukhalingeshwara temple, Sri Mukhalingam
  • Mahendra Tanaya ( It is historical Place Bheema temple is Famous)
  • Vasudeva temple From mandasa (very Historical temple in andra pradesh recently it was adopted to Endowment department it is under TTD)
  • Also One of the famous Historical Place Is Sri Vallabha Narayana Swamy temple (it was located in Ratti Village Belongs to Mandasa Mandal It is very historical temple in Our Area people like called to this god Brother of Lord Venkateswara)

Famous temples[edit]

  • Sri Mukhalingeswara Alayam, Srimukhalingam
Svechavati temple, Icchapuram


Revenue divisions,mandals and constituencies[edit]



Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies[edit]

There are 3 Parliamentary Constituencies and 10 Assembly Constituencies in Srikakulam. district.[10]

The 10 Assembly Constituencies are:

Revision of Assembly Constituencies[edit]

12 MLA constituencies are reduced to 10 and renamed as[11]

Name of const'. mandals population SC ST
1.Srikakulam Assembly Constituency Srikakulam, Gara, Srikakulam Town. 262,149 19,438 1,009
2.Etcherla Ranastalam, Laveru, Etcherla, G.Sigadam. 281,908 32,005 1,412
3.Rajam Rajam, Santakaviti, R-Amadalavalasa, Vangara. 264,867 31,303 2,998
4.Amadalavalasa Amadalavalasa, Sarubujjili, Burja, Ponduru 231,602 22,509 2,586
5.Palakonda Palakonda, Seetampeta, Bhamini, Veeragattam. 230,814 32,207 61,140
6.Narasannapeta Narasannapeta, Polaki, Jalumuru, Saravakota. 249,001 14,906 6,944
7.Pathapatnam Pathapatnam, Meliaputti, Hiramandalam, Kotturu, L.N. Peta. 243,092 27,937 36,850
8.Tekkali Tekkali, Nandigam, Santabommali, Kotabommali. 258,815 14,906 6,944
9.Palasa Palasa, Mandasa, V.Kotturu.naupada


233,650 12,638 13,469
10.Ichapuram Ichapuram, Kanchili, Kaviti, Sompeta 281,679 9,995 16,600

Revenue divisions and Mandals[edit]

There are three revenue divisions and 38 mandals in the Srikakulam district.[12] The revenue divisions are Srikakulam, Tekkali and Palakonda.

Srikakulam Division Tekkali Division Palakonda Division
1.Veeraghattam 2.Vangara 3.Regidi Amadalavalasa
4.Rajam 5.Ganguvari Sigadam 6.Laveru
7.Ranastalam 8.Etcherla 9.Ponduru
10.Santhakavati 11.Burja 12.Palakonda
13.Seethampeta 14.Bhamini 15.Kothuru(Srikakulam)
16.Hiramandalam 17.Sarubujjili 18.Amadalavalasa
19.Srikakulam 20.Kalingapatnam 21.Polaki
22.Narasannapeta 23.Jalumuru 24.Saravakota
25.Pathapatnam 26.Meliaputti 27.Tekkali
28.Kotabommali 29.Santhabommali 30.Nandigam
31.Vajrapu Kotturu 32.Palasa 33.Mandasa
34.Sompeta 35.Kanchili 36.Kaviti
37.Ichchapuram 38.Lakshminarasupeta


147 According to the 2011 census Srikakulam district has a population of 2,699,471,[1] roughly equal to the nation of Kuwait[13] or the US state of Nevada.[14] This gives it a ranking of 147th in India (out of a total of 640).[1] The district has a population density of 462 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,200 /sq mi) .[1] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 6.38%.[1] Srikakulam has a sex ratio of 1014 females for every 1000 males,[1] and a literacy rate of 62.3%.[1]

The District capital is Srikakulam, a municipality and mandal headquarters of Srikakulam mandal. Srikakulam formly known as Poor Man's ooty.

There are 6 urban units in Srikakulam District. Out of these, 4 are Municipalities and 1 Nagara panchayati and 1 are notified Panchayats. The Population details of these urban units are as follows:y

Municipalities Population

  • Srikakulam 117,320
  • Amadalavalasa 37,931
  • Ichapuram 32,662
  • Palasa-Kasibugga 49,899
  • Rajam 23,424(Nagara Panchayathi)


  • Sompeta 17,423

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