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Srini Kumar holding a copy of Sticker Nation at the 2006 Vloggies

Srini Kumar, aka !!!srini!!!, is an Internet entrepreneur and personality, most known as the founder of the website in 1994, which sells stickers and other paraphernalia showcasing counterculture sayings written by Kumar; and of StickerNation, a custom sticker printing operation. Aside from provocative manifestos on his websites, he has written the book StickerNation, a book of 432 stickers published by Disinformation. He is also bassist and frontman for the San Francisco surf-rock band the Aquamen. Kumar has described his Unamerican project as "Anarchism's ad agency" and "the dimensional interface between manifest and unmanifest" (a line coined by artist Paul Laffoley). He also founded the Webzine online magazine conference series in 1998.

He is also the creator of Tinyvox application.Tinyvox turns Facebook, Twitter, email and message boards into a huge voicemail system.[1]


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