Srinivasa Murthy

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Srinivasa Murthy
Born Tumkur, Karnataka India
Occupation Actor
Spouse(s) Pushpa Sreenivasa Murthy
Children Naveena Krishnaa
Santhoora Naag
Yogithaa Naag
Nitil Krishna

Srinivasa Murthy is an actor in the Kannada film industry.

Known for his graceful acting, Srinivasa Murthy is a disciplined actor who has carved out a niche in historical and emotional roles. He has shown variety in his acting skills, though he is often taken for good samaritan roles. He is also a well known name in the Kannada Theatre, where he played various roles.

Srinivasa Murthy debuted under the tutelage of director Siddalingaiah in the movie Hemavati. The movie was based on an inter-caste love story between a high-caste girl with an lower-caste boy. His acting was lauded by the Kannada Industry and he was warmly welcomed into the industry. He did not immediately get more Hero offers, but was called in supporting characters to the heroes. But he accepted what he was offered and displayed extreme range and grace in his acting. He has acted in close to 300 Kannada movies. His roles in Mane Mane Ramayana, Guru Shisyaru, Kaviratna Kalidasa, etc. are remembered for his excellent acting. In Kaviratna Kalidasa he played the role of Raja Bhoja, along with Kannada actor Rajkumar playing the role of Kalidasa. The camaraderie the two actors shared was a grand success. Even Rajkumar praised his efforts in that role.

Srinivasa Murthy became a producer of Kannada films quite early. He started off producing films with his friend Jai Jagadish. He made films like Maathru Devo Bhava and a comedy film Thaayigobba Tharlemaga with Kashinath. Struggling actress Chandrika became a heroine through Kashinath's film. Then he start to produce films as an independent producer "Nambidare Nambi Bittare Bidi' directed by Umesh which introduced Shruthi as the heroine - and Hosamane Aliya with Anant Nag and Bhavya. He also became a film director producing and directing the children film Devara Makkalu which won lot of appreciation from critics. It also won an award for Best Children Film from the State government of Karnataka.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Srinivasa Murthy is from Jadalathimmanahalli, Chikkaballapur district in Karnataka. He is married to Pushpa. He has 2 sons Naveena Krishnaa, an actor and Nitil Krishna, who acted as a lead artist in his directorial movie Devara Makkalu, and 2 daughters Yogithaa Naag and the late Santhoora Naag.



Srinivasa Murthy has won the Karnataka State award for Best Supporting actor in 1982 and 1999.


  • Anna Basavanna.
  • Rathasapthami.
  • A serial based on Novelist Triveni's works.[2]
  • Shakthi


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