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Stawamus is adapted from the Skwxwu7mesh language name Sta7mes, the indigenous name for the village below. It is pronounced with an emphasis on the first syllable. All other uses are pronounced StaWAmus.

  • Stawamus Chief, a granite monolith/small mountain over looking the town of Squamish, British Columbia and famed internationally for its rock climbing routes
  • Stawamus Squaw, another smaller mountain adjacent to the Stawamus Chief
  • Stawamus River, a river draining into Howe Sound at the village of Sta7mes
  • Stawamus Lake, a lake in the North Shore Mountains at the head of the Stawamus River
  • Stawamus (village), a Skwxwu7mesh village on the Stawamus Indian Reserve No. 24 in British Columbia