St. Andrew's Scots Church, Malta

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St Andrew's Scots church
The church of St Andrew the Apostle
Il-knisja ta' San Andrija
St Andrew's Scots church is located in Malta
St Andrew's Scots church
St Andrew's Scots church
35°53′51.4″N 14°30′35.3″E / 35.897611°N 14.509806°E / 35.897611; 14.509806
Location Valletta
Country Malta
Denomination Church of Scotland
Methodist Church of Great Britain
Website Website of the Church
Founded 1824
Status Active
Completed 1857
Minister(s) Doug McRoberts

St. Andrew's Scots Church, Malta, is a joint congregation (a "Local Ecumenical Partnership") of the Church of Scotland and the Methodist Church of Great Britain. For Church of Scotland purposes it is part of the Presbytery of Europe. It is the only Reformed Church in Malta (the population of which is predominantly Roman Catholic). Apart from the Livingston Ecumenical Parish and Grahamston United Church in Falkirk,Scotland, it is the only joint Methodist and Church of Scotland congregation anywhere.

The church buildings are situated in the centre of Valletta at 210 Old Bakery Street. The Sunday service (in English) is held at 10.30am. The building was formerly used solely by the Church of Scotland; the former Methodist Church building is no longer used for worship.

The links between Methodism and Scottish Presbyterianism in Malta are longstanding, despite the existence of separate congregations until recently. The current church building stands on the site of the first non-Roman Catholic church to be opened on the island. This was a Methodist church opened in 1824. The present building was built largely through the efforts of a Church of Scotland minister, Rev Dr George Wiseley, and was opened in 1857. Dr Wiseley was minister of St Andrew's and Presbyterian Chaplain to the Forces in Malta from 1854 to 1914. The current minister (since 2009) is Rev Doug McRoberts, a Church of Scotland minister, who succeeded Methodist Rev David Morris, who in 2002 had followed Rev Colin Westmarland (minister from 1975 onwards) who was the first minister not to be a UK military chaplain.

The church buildings are also regularly used by a German-speaking Lutheran congregation, the Andreas Gemeinde.

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