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St. Anne's Court is an alleyway that connects Dean Street and Wardour Street in London's Soho district. Parts of it can be dated back to the late seventeenth century.[1]

Sites in St Anne's Court included the "model lodgings" designed by William Burges in 1864-66 for the banker and philanthropist Lackland Mackintosh Rate,[2] for whom Burges subsequently work at Milton Court, Dorking, Surrey. At St Anne's, Rate wanted a commercial rental property. The result was a series of thirty lodging rooms to be let to artisans. The building was of brick with cast-iron piers. Crook describes the result as "Burges's favourite thirteenth-century French, pared to the bone."[2] The building has subsequently been demolished.

Sites also include the Trident Studios and the 1970s science fiction bookshop Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed.

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  • Meard Street, a nearby pedestrianized street parallel to St. Anne's Court, of similar antiquity



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