St. Anthony's High School (Lahore)

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St. Anthony's High School
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Scientia Cum Virtute (Latin)
Lahore, Punjab
Type High school
Established 1892
Principal Mr. Kanjar Ambrose Shahid Chatha Mughal
Grades Class 1 to Matric/O and A-Levels
Affiliation Cambridge University, UK
Alumni Anthonians

St. Anthony's High School is part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan It is situated at Lahore's historical road, The Mall.

The Marist Fathers of Ireland established St. Anthony's High School in 1892.[1] It now has been expanded to college level as well. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is located besides the school.

When Lt. Col (ret) L. C. Rath was the principal in 1992, nearly 2,000 pupils were enrolled at the school with a staff of 100.[2]

The motto of the institution is Scientia cum Virtute meaning "Knowledge with Virtue".


The East India Company of England after waging wars against European intruders in India and local Rajas established its rule in the South Asia in 1849, when Punjab and NWFP fell to it under a proclamation of 30 March 1849. To run its administration smoothly it needed literate locals and so established educational institutions with English as the medium of instruction from where Indians were recruited for jobs. With the British occupation of India, the American and European missionaries started pouring into India to enlighten it with modern education.

St. Anthony's was founded on 1 March 1892 in Peeli Kothi, Empress Road, Lahore by the Marist Fathers of Ireland. They named it St. Anthony's Catholic Day School. Rt. Reverend Doctor Van Don Bouch performed its opening ceremony with three students at Empress Road Lahore where St. Anthony's Church and Don Bosco School stand today.

As it progressed, its site was shifted to 3-Lawrence Road, where it was renamed St. Anthony's High School in 1900 which was dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua who sympathised with the miserable and gave hope to the despaired people. The Bishop of Lahore Rt. Reverend Van Don Bouch performed the dedication ceremony. Father Leo took over as the first Principal of the school and started 'O' Level classes.

On 27 January 1896, the Indian Railways gave a grant of Rs.500 for the construction of the school and thus the institution was called Railway Church School. The Viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne sanctioned Rs.5000 for the school building. A boarding house was constructed for the students in 1896.

Lawrence Road Campus[edit]

St. Anthony's College, main building

This is the biggest campus. The campus has five buildings consisting of classrooms, laboratories, a library and offices. There is a basketball court and two large playgrounds. Two canteens [3] are provided for the students in the main ground and basketball court. The school was one of several buildings damaged or destroyed by a bomb blast in Lahore in May 2009.[4]


It offers courses leading to the Cambridge O/A levels and Matriculation. During the academic year, the school has two sets of assessments and two long examinations.

Scholastic achievements[edit]

During Lt. Col. L.C. Rath's principalship, the school won the Educational Trophy from the Board of Secondary Education, Lahore for excellent Matriculation result.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Co-curricular and extracurricular activities include debates, excursions, funday, bonfires, picnics, funfair, science model fair and annual sports. In 2006 a cricket under-13 team and an under-16 team formed part of a 47-member delegation including teachers from St Anthony's, travelled to Chandigar, India to play matches with the St John's Cricket Academy team. Mr Cecil Chaudhry was Principal of St Anthony's High School at the time.[5] Students took part in debates and quiz programmes in countries, and in cities of Pakistan.

Notable alumni[edit]


Armed forces[edit]

Nuclear scientists[edit]


  • Shoaib Hashmi
  • Ishtiaq Ahmed, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Stockholm University; Honorary Senior Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore.




Religious leaders[edit]

Civil Service[edit]


Other professions[edit]

  • Tahir Gul Hasan, aviator, writer, photographer, musician.
  • Ishtiaq Ahmed, Political Scientist.[11]
  • Syed Shoaib Ul-Hassan, chairman of Blackwater Services and Motor Depot, UK.
  • Jimmy Engineer
  • Waqar A Malik, chairman of ICI company and owner of ICI Khayura branch.
  • Raja Omar Iqbal, Executive Marketing. Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd.
  • Ali Ahmed Akbari, Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank USA. Class of 1972 (matriculation).
  • Christopher Sharaf SPO-CSC Rawalpindi


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