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St. Anthony Foundation
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Type Charity
Focus homelessness, poverty, volunteers

St. Anthony Foundation is a social services agency in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco that offers a way out of poverty to the most vulnerable among us: seniors, veterans, the physically disabled, the mentally and addictively ill, the unemployed and underemployed. St. Anthony Foundation was founded in 1950 by Fr. Alfred Boeddeker, a Franciscan priest, and for more than 60 years they have pursued the mission to “feed, heal, shelter, clothe and lift the spirits of those in need, and to create a society where all people flourish.”

Through St. Anthony Foundation's many programs, they offer guests a gateway to reclaim their sense of dignity, progress toward stability, and ultimately move out of poverty. In community with volunteers, donors and guests, St. Anthony's works on long-term solutions to poverty while meeting immediate, critical needs.

St. Anthony's Foundation will open the New St. Anthony’s Dining Room in late 2014. The new facility will meet the challenges of the 21st century and the increasing need for services. There will be more space to store more food for longer periods, allowing St. Anthony's to maximize use of large food donations and bargains and ensuring the ability to guarantee ample and nutritious meals for guests.

The new facility will also house a Social Work Center and Free Clothing Program–thus aligning these services in one building. This alignment is part of St. Anthony's Gateway Strategy that positions the Dining Room as the entry point for guests to access our programs. Just steps away – and part of St. Anthony Foundation's Tenderloin Campus – at 150 Golden Gate Avenue, guests can access St. Anthony Medical Clinic and get computer training and job search assistance at the Tenderloin Technology Lab. St. Anthony's programs work together to help guests transition to better lives.

The New St. Anthony’s Dining Room is a bridge project between the Tenderloin and the new Mid-Market development. It will also be an indispensable part of San Francisco’s disaster preparedness plan. In the event of a disaster, St. Anthony’s will be equipped to distribute food and water for the community-at-large, treat people with emergency medical needs, and establish a communications and assistance center. St. Anthony Foundation offers critical services to the most underserved communities.


St. Anthony Foundation welcomes more than 10,000 people each year from every sector of the community from students to corporate employees to engage in direct service to the poor and homeless. Notable volunteers include Dianne Feinstein, Ed Lee (politician), Nancy Pelosi, and Barry Zito.


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