St. Augustine's Episcopal Church (Gary, Indiana)

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St. Augustine's Episcopal Church
St. Augustine's Episcopal Church.jpg
Seen from the southwest
Basic information
Location Gary, Indiana
United States
Geographic coordinates 41°35′03″N 87°22′06″W / 41.584246°N 87.368386°W / 41.584246; -87.368386
Affiliation Episcopal Church in the United States of America
Province V
District Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana
Year consecrated 1959
Architectural description
Architect(s) Edward D. Dart
Architectural style Modern
Completed 1959
Capacity 340
Materials Wood
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Added to NRHP: September 18, 2013
NRHP Reference No. 13000758 [1]

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Gary, Indiana, is a historic congregation and building in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana.


The historically Black parish was chartered in 1927 by thirty congregants as a Colored Episcopal Mission. St. Augustine's original home was at 19TH and Adams in Gary's Midtown section.

Benedictine monks of St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers were assigned to the struggling mission by Bishop Campbell Gray from 1938-1946. It was in 1951 that Father Wallace L. Wells, spouse of Henrietta Bell Wells and newly ordained, took over the leadership at St. Augustine's. Under his rectorship, a building program was initiated resulting in the award winning current home. Advancement to parish status occurred in 1961. St. Augustine's is located at 19th Avenue and Ellsworth in the Tolleston section of Gary, Indiana.


Designed by renowned Mid-Century Modern architect Edward D. Dart in 1958, the architecturally significant church has garnered two architectural awards. The first of Dart's commissioned designs to be nominated to the National Register of Historic Places; it listed on 9/18/13.


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  2. Robert Earl Hood (1963-1967)
  3. William James Walker (1967-1968)
  4. Joseph W. Riggs (1970-1975)
  5. James Donald Manning (1978-1982)
  6. H. Fitz-Roy Henderson Thompson (1983-1989)
  7. David Lee Hyndman (1991-To Date)


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