St. Britto's, Goa

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St. Britto's, Goa
Mapusa, Goa, India

"Facta Non Verba"

(Deeds Not Words)
Patron saint(s) St. John de Britto
Founded 1946
Principal Rev. Fr. Cedric Fernandes SJ

St. Britto is a school run from Mapusa, in north Goa, on the west coast of India about 10 km (6.2 mi) from the beaches of Anjuna and Calangute. It was started in 1946, and is run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Its principal is Fr Cedric Fernandes and vice principal is Rev. Fr. Anand D'Souza SJ. The school's motto is Facta non verba, which means Deeds not words.

History of the school[edit]

According to the Indo-Portuguese historian Dr Teotonio R de Souza, who himself was on the school staff in the 1970s, this was the third institution set up by the Jesuits in Goa.

It was helped by a wine-merchant of the North Goa town of Mapusa, called Valentino Pinto. At that time, the school was called the Sacred Heart High School, and its previous owner is believed to have lacked the time to run it, as well as faced problems with the staff. In these circumstances, Pinto handed over the school to the Jesuits. At the time, Goa was still under Portuguese rule.

Dom Caetano Menezes, who owned another local school called St. Mary's, also moved to hand over his institution to the Jesuits.

Early days[edit]

Dr Teotonio R. de Souza suggests that the reputation of the Jesuits in Goa was high, after they had taken over the Theotonio High School, which was run by the Goa Archdiocese.

Fr. Sylvester D'Souza was the first principal of the schools taken over. Both were co-educational. The Jesuits transferred girl-students from the schools to the Apostolic Carmel (AC) nuns, who have been active in the field of education in Goa, and who went on to form the St Mary's Convent, along the Altinho hilltop locality in Mapusa, where both institutions currently exist.

Initially, St Britto's functioned out of the site of the Bardez Gymkhana. Priests running the school, and boarders, rented houses atop the hill. It turned out to be an inconvenient arrangement, specially during Goa's torrential monsoons.

Cipriano da Cunha Gomes sold the current site of the school, whose large facade dominates the town of Mapusa from a distance. Later, the building came up with a loan from the Goa Archdiocese.

Fr. Ubaldo de Sá, of Moira, is credited with the work of setting up the building.

Notable alumni[edit]

School anthem[edit]

Cheer boy cheer
Cheer the Britto flag
Hail to thee St. Britto
Cheer boy cheer
Cheer the Britto flag
Hail to thee St. Britto

We thy loyal trusted band
We will ever be true
Light bearers and labourers
True and pure and steadfast

Ch: Let's put on the armour light
Glory of Britto
Let's put on the armour light
Fight for God and country

Alma mater our friend and guide
Stay in shade and sunshine
Lend us light and wisdom lore
Ne'er to fail or falter

Be life's journey perilous
Thou to us a beacon

Headmasters and Assistant Headmasters of St Britto[edit]

  • Fr.Sylvester D'Souza, SJ 1946–1949
  • Fr.Irineu Lobo, SJ 1949–1950
  • Fr.Edward V D'Souza, SJ 1950–1951
  • Fr.Peter Mendonça, SJ 1951–1952
  • Fr.Edward V D'Souza 1952–1962
  • Fr.Lino D'Souza, SJ 1962–1964
  • Fr.Mario C de Meyrelles, SJ 1964–1973
  • Fr.Teotonio de Sales, SJ 1973–1976
  • Fr.Vincent Gomes Catao, SJ 1976–1982
  • Fr.Anil Soares, SJ 1982–1988
  • Fr.Joe Palliparambil, SJ 1988–1990
  • Fr.Abraham Painumkal, SJ 1990–1999
  • Fr.Apollo Cardozo, SJ 1999–2011
  • Fr.Pedro Rodriguez (Assistant Headmaster) 2007–2012
  • Fr.Cedric Fernandes, SJ 2011–present
  • Fr. Anand D'Souza, SJ (Assistant Headmaster) 2012-2014
  • Tr. Yvette Pais (Assistant Headmistress) 2014–present
  • Fr. Basil Vago (Vice Principal)2014-Present

Former Parliament Members of St. Britto High School(2014-2015)[edit]

  • Head Boy: Arnold Costa
  • Dy. Head Boy: Aditya Chanekar
  • Red House Commander: Christopher Varela
  • Dy. Red House Commander: Floyd Crasto
  • Blue House Commander: Delroy Nazareth
  • Dy. Blue House Commander: Mukul Prabhu
  • Green House Commander: Maccan Pereira
  • Dy. Green House Commander: Dayne Fernandes
  • Gold House Commander: Selvin Solis
  • Dy. Gold House Commander: Jonathan D'Souza

Parliament Members of St. Britto High School(2015-2016)[edit]

  • Head Boy: Saurab Dessai
  • Dy. Head Boy: Victor D'Souza
  • Red House Commander: Gideon Gracias Flor
  • Dy. Red House Commander: Karan Mangeshkar
  • Blue House Commander: Nadeem Shaikh
  • Dy. Blue House Commander: Mark Dcosta
  • Green House Commander: Merric Fernandes
  • Dy. Green House Commander: Saish Haldankar
  • Gold House Commander: Manguesh Shetkar
  • Dy. Gold House Commander: Raphael Dias

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