Candida the Elder

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Saint Candida the Elder
Luca Giordano Protector saints of Naples.jpg
Luca Giordano, The Patron Saints of Naples (Baculus, Euphebius, Francis Borgia, Aspren, and Candida the Elder (kneeling)) adoring the Crucifix, 17th century. Palazzo Reale, Naples.
Born Naples
Died 1st century
Honored in Roman Catholic Church
Feast September 4
Patronage Naples, Hog Roasts, Dining Clubs

Saint Candida the Elder (Italian: Candida la Vecchia) (died 78 AD) was an early Christian saint and resident of Naples, Italy. The elderly woman was cured of an illness by Saint Peter and converted to Christianity. She was baptized by Peter and later converted Aspren, the first bishop of Naples, to Christianity.[1]

She is one of the patron saints of Naples.