St. Christopher (band)

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St. Christopher
Origin York, England
Genres Indie pop
Years active 1984–present
Labels Sarah, Vinyl Japan
Members Glenn Melia
Jim Fletcher
Matt Collinge
Past members Terry Banks
Ian Kay

St. Christopher are a British indie pop band formed in York in 1984, who released several records on Sarah Records in the late 1980s, and have continued to release records since.[1]


The only constant member of the band during its more than twenty years of existence has been Glenn Melia, and, during this time, Melia and St. Christopher have recorded with many well-known indie labels, including Sarah, Bus Stop, Vinyl Japan, Elefant, Slumberland, Caff, and Parasol. The band probably achieved greatest recognition for the single "All of a Tremble", released in 1989.

The original line-up of the band also featured Terry Banks, who went on to lead Tree Fort Angst.[1]

St. Christopher began gigging again mid-2007 with new members Jim Fletcher and Matt Collinge, and Glenn is currently writing new material for release early 2008. In 2007, a compilation album of their previous releases titled Lost at Sea - The Sarah Recordings was released by Plastilina Records. Their last record is the CD single "Burnout".



  • "Crystal Clear" / "My Fond Farewell". 7" (1984) Bluegrass Records (GM001)
  • "As Far As the Eye Can See" / "Awe". 7" Grrove & Move (GM002)
  • "Go Ahead Cry . . ." / "Charmelle". 7" (1986) Groove & Move (GM003)
  • Forevermore Starts Here. EP 7" flexidisc (1987) Veston Records (VOD01)
  • The Josephine Why? EP 7" flexidisc (1988) Clarity Records
  • "You Deserve More Than a Maybe" / "The Kind of Girl" / "The Summer You Love". 7" (1989) Sarah Records (SARAH15) (UK indie No. 13)[2]
  • "All of a Tremble" / "My Fortune" / "The Hummingbird". 7" (1989) Sarah Records (SARAH20) (UK indie No. 19)
  • "All of a Tremble" / "Our Secret" / "Even the Sky Seems Blue". 7" (1989) The Bus Stop Label (BUS003)
  • "Antoinette" / "Salvation". 7" (1990) Sarah Records (SARAH34)
  • "Say Yes to Everything" / "It's Snowing on the Moon". 7" (1991) Sarah Records (SARAH46)
  • Radio France Sessions. EP 7" (1993) Slumberland Records (SLR19)
  • "Young Nun" / "With Her in Mind". 7" (1995) Elefant Records (ER122)
  • "She Looks Like You" / "Ecstasy, passion and Pain". 7" (1995) Elefant Records (ER142)
  • "Burnout". 3" CD-R. (2008) Cloudberry Records (CLOUDBERRY 089)


Studio albums[edit]

  • Bacharach 10" (1990) Sarah Records (SARAH403)
  • Man, I Could Scream LP/CD (1992) Vinyl Japan Records (ASK6)
  • Love You to Pieces CD Vinyl (1994) Japan Records (ASK27)
  • Lioness CD (1996) Vinyl Japan Records (ASKCD53)
  • Golden Blue CD (2000) Parasol Records (PAR-CD043)

Live albums[edit]

  • Ce Soir. CD (1995) Soiree Records (CD1)


  • Dig Deep Brother 1984–1990. CD (1993) Vinyl Japan (ASK26)
  • Lost at Sea - The Sarah Recordings. CD (2007) Plastilina Records (PLAST006)


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