St. Dunstan's Episcopal High School

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St. Dunstan’s Episcopal High School was a K-12 on St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. It is most well known as the high school that NBA basketball player Tim Duncan attended. St. Dunstan's was founded as a K-12 in 1959 by a committee of parishioners from St. John's Episcopal Church. Among them a church layreader Dr. Richard Marshall Bond and his wife Edith Gereau Bond. Dr. Richard Bond suggested the name chosen for the school. As a result of competition with other private and parochial schools St. Dunstan's folded about thirty five years later.

The school was also championed by prominent educator Mrs. Elena L. Christian who also served on the board through the early 1980s while also a member of the clergy at St.John's Episcopal Church, Christiansted, St.Croix, USVI.

The school has been responsible for many prominent figures, such as Dr. Charles Athill (Class of 83) a Cardiology Director at Sharp Memorial in San Diego, CA; Apurva Mody former Sr. Vice President of Del Monte Foods, Erwin Raphael, Director of Product Quality and Engineering at Hyundai Motor America, current first lady Cecile De Jongh, Virgin Islands Senator Neville James and many others.

The school alumni are actively campaigning and giving back to the community in support of organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and others with its annual Golf Classic held during emancipation week or Independence day; during the week of July 4.

The alumni group may be found on Facebook and