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The 2011+ boundaries for St. James highlighted in red

St. James is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Historical riding[edit]

The original St. James riding was established at the province's creation in 1870, and lasted until the election of 1879. It was located in what was then a separate community on Winnipeg's periphery.

List of provincial representatives[edit]

Name Party Took Office Left Office
Edwin Bourke Canadian Party/Opposition 1870 1874
Independent 1874 1878
David Walker Government/Conservative 1878 1879

Modern riding[edit]

The modern St. James riding was created by redistribution in 1957, and has formally existed since the provincial election of 1958. The riding is located in the western section of Winnipeg.

St. James is bordered on the east by Wellington, Minto and Wolseley, to the south by Tuxedo, to the north by Wellington and Lakeside, and to the west by Assiniboia and Kirkfield Park.

The riding's population in 1996 was 20,417. In 1999, the average family income was $47,842, and the unemployment rate was 6.20%. Almost 19% of St. James's population is over 65 years of age, and almost 38% of dwelling units are rented.

The service sector accounts for 15% of St. James's industry, following by government services (14%) and manufacturing (13%).

St. James was a marginal Progressive Conservative/NDP riding for most of its history to 1988. It was won in that year by Liberal Paul Edwards, who was elected leader of his party in 1993. The NDP recaptured the seat in 1995.

Recent boundary changes[edit]

The St. James riding underwent a dramatic redistribution in 1999. Previously, the riding occupied roughly the same space as the current riding of Minto. In fact, the original plan of the Manitoba Electoral Boundaries Commission in 1999 was to rename St. James as Minto, and create a new riding called King Edward to its immediate west (primarily from the old riding of Sturgeon Creek). Instead, the boundaries legislation passed by the Manitoba legislature in 1999 determined that the new riding would be called St. James.

Although the current riding has some territory in common with its predecessor of the same name, it is probably more accurately regarded as the successor riding to Sturgeon Creek. The NDP captured this seat from the Tories in 1999, and retained it in 2003.

The current MLA for St. James is Bonnie Korzeniowski, who received over 50% of the riding's vote in 2003, against two opponents.

List of provincial representatives[edit]

Name Party Took Office Left Office
Douglas Stanes PC 1958 1969
Alvin Mackling NDP 1969 1973
George Minaker PC 1973 1981
Alvin Mackling NDP 1981 1988
Paul Edwards Lib 1988 1995
MaryAnn Mihychuk NDP 1995 1999
Bonnie Korzeniowski NDP 1999 2011
Deanne Crothers NDP 2011 present

Electoral results[edit]

Manitoba general election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     New Democrat Deanne Crothers 4,432 49.61 −6.04
     Progressive Conservative Scott Gillingham 3,414 38.21 +7.38
Liberal Gerard Allard 685 7.67 −0.96
Green Trevor Vandale 377 4.22
Total valid votes 8,908
Rejected and declined ballots 25
Turnout 8,933 62.02 +2.82
Electors on the lists 14,403

Manitoba general election, 2007
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     New Democratic Party Bonnie Korzeniowski 4,231 55.65 $16,378.94
     Progressive Conservative Kristine McGhee 2,344 30.83 $27,110.14
Liberal Fred Morris 656 8.63 $1,535.39
Green Mike Johannson 339 4.47 $0.00
Total valid votes 7,572 99.59
Rejected and declined ballots 31
Turnout 7,603 59.20
Electors on the lists 12,842


June, 2003:[2]

Manitoba general election, 1999
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
     New Democratic Party Bonnie Korzeniowski 4,483 44.76 $27,649.00
     Progressive Conservative Gerry McAlpine 3,845 38.39 $28,652.89
Liberal Wayne Helgason 1,625 16.23 $29,766.43
Total valid votes 9,953 100.00
Rejected and declined ballots 62
Turnout 10,015 72.01
Electors on the lists 13,098


Previous boundaries[edit]

The 1999-2011 boundaries for St. James highlighted in red


Coordinates: 49°53′56″N 97°12′32″W / 49.899°N 97.209°W / 49.899; -97.209