St. John's Junior Hockey League

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St. John's Junior Hockey League
St Johns Junior Logo.jpg
Membership Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador
Founded 1980
Don Johnson Cups 6
First Champion St. John's Jr. Shamrocks (1981)
Current Champion St. John's Jr. Caps (2015)

The St. John's Junior Hockey League is a Junior "B" ice hockey league in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, sanctioned by Hockey Canada. Founded in 1980, the SJJHL was a recognized Junior "A" league from 1989 until 1991. This stretch as a Junior "A" league marks the last time any Newfoundland or Labrador league competed in the Junior "A" National Playdowns.


Founded in 1980, the SJJHL competed as a Junior "A" league from 1989 until 1991. In that time period, they were eligible for the Centennial Cup Canadian National championship of Junior "A" hockey. Every other year the SJJHL has operated at the Junior "B" level and its champion represents the league in the Veitch Memorial Cup playdowns against the winner of the Central/West Junior Hockey League for the right to play at the Don Johnson Cup.

In the 1970s, there was another league known as the St. John's Junior Hockey League. Much like the Corner Brook League, Southern Shore League, amongst other leagues, the old SJJHL was a junior-aged town league. Although the St. John's Jr. Capitals were a top team in this town league, they would represent St. John's for the Veitch Memorial Trophy as an all-star team of players from the old SJJHL. On one such occasion, in 1972, the Jr. Capitals entered into the first-year Newfoundland Jr. A playdowns, only to win and compete in the 1972 Centennial Cup National Playdowns.


Team Centre
Avalon Jr. Capitals Avalon
Conception Bay North Jr. Stars Bay Roberts
Conception Bay South Jr. Renegades Bell Island
Mount Pearl Wild Mount Pearl
St. John's Jr. Caps St. John's
St. John's Jr. Celtics St. John's
Southern Shore Jr. Breakers Witless Bay
Trinity Placentia Jr. Flyers Whitbourne


  • 1981 St. John's Jr. Shamrocks
  • 1982 St. John's Br. Rice Celtics
  • 1983 St. John's Jr. Shamrocks
  • 1984 St. John's Jr. Shamrocks
  • 1985 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1986 Mount Pearl Jr. Blades
  • 1987 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1988 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1989 Avalon Jr. Capitals
  • 1990 Avalon Jr. Capitals
  • 1991 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1992 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1993 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1994 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 1995 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 1996 Avalon Jr. Capitals
  • 1997 Bell Island Jr. Blues
  • 1998 Bell Island Jr. Blues
  • 1999 St. John's Jr. Caps
  • 2000 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 2001 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 2002 St. John's Jr. Caps
  • 2003 Mount Pearl Jr. Blades
  • 2004 Conception Bay North Jr. Stars
  • 2005 Trinity-Placentia Jr. Flyers
  • 2006 Conception Bay North Jr. Stars
  • 2007 Mount Pearl Jr. Blades
  • 2008 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 2009 Mount Pearl Jr. Blades
  • 2010 St. John's Jr. Caps
  • 2011 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 2012 St. John's Jr. Caps
  • 2013 St. John's Jr. Caps
  • 2014 Avalon Jr. Capitals
  • 2015 St. John's Jr. Caps

Italics represent Veitch Memorial Trophy Champions

Bold represents Provincial Junior A Champions

Non-League Champion, Provincial Champion[edit]

These teams won the Veitch Memorial Trophy without winning the SJJHL playoffs.

  • 1984 St. John's Jr. 50's
  • 1996 Avalon Jr. Capitals
  • 2000 Conception Bay North Jr. Stars
  • 2003 St. John's Jr. Celtics
  • 2007 Bell Island Jr. Blues
  • 2009 St. John's Jr. Caps

Atlantic Jr. B Champions[edit]

These teams won the Don Johnson Cup as Atlantic Junior B Champions.

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