St. Joseph's College, Dumfries

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For other schools of the same name, see Saint Joseph's College (disambiguation).
St Joseph's College
Motto Nisi Dominus Frustra
(Without God, all is in vain)
Established 1875
Type Comprehensive secondary
Religion Roman Catholic
Rector Bernadette Jones
Founders Marist Brothers, Saint Marcellin Champagnat
Location Craigs Road
Dumfries and Galloway
Scotland Coordinates: 55°03′46″N 3°36′03″W / 55.0628°N 3.6008°W / 55.0628; -3.6008
Staff 60 approx.
Students 800 approx.
Gender Coeducational, formerly boys only
Houses Wallace, Bruce, Douglas, Stewart (and formerly Balliol)
Colours Navy blue and gold         

St. Joseph's College is situated on the Craigs Road in Dumfries, south west Scotland. It is a Roman Catholic secondary school. The school began as a Catholic boys' boarding school run by Marist Brothers. It is near St. Michael's Primary School and is one of four secondary schools in Dumfries.


St. Joseph's College was founded in 1875 as both a boarding school and the first Novitiate for the training of Marist Brothers in Great Britain. Brother Walfrid, the man who founded Celtic Football Club, also helped to found the school. The school became part of the state school system in 1981, but still accepts Catholic students as priority. The school was a boys' school to begin with, and the first female pupils were admitted as day pupils in the early 1980s.


The school was originally located elsewhere in Dumfries but was moved to its current location when a local businessman bought the land and donated it to the Marist Brothers. Numerous expansions to the original build have been made: the assembly hall, extensions to the mathematics and French departments, a new separate building for the RE classrooms, and another new building which contains the dining hall and physical education halls. After the school became public the building did not go into ownership of the local education authority but is on lease to the authority from the Marist Brothers for £10 a year for a hundred years.


The school campus is made up of three buildings: the physical education and cafeteria building, the Ewan Duncan Building and the main school building housing the classrooms for all of the other subjects. The grounds contain gardens and lawn at the front and back of the main building, and a playing field area roughly the size of three football fields and several hockey and tennis courts are also included.

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