St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Chengalpattu

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St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School
School Campus (Front)
In God Is Our Trust
Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India
Type Public
Established 1966
Principal Rev.Bro.jesuraj s.g (active from 2012)
Number of students 2862 (approx)
Campus Urban

St. Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Chengalpattu is one of the well established schools in Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu.

St. Joseph's Higher secondary School was started in 1966 by Montfort brothers of St. Gabriel. The School bears the Motto "In God Is Our Trust". This is an institution under the province of Montfort brothers of St. Gabriel, Trichy[1]

School History[edit]

In the late 1800s, a group of local residents started a school called "Native High school". It ran till 1931 when it was taken over Fr.Peter Aloysius and became St.Joseph's High School. This administration of the school by Catholic Fathers continued till 1966 when Fr.Mathew Vadacherry was the last Head Master. From then on the school was taken over, in 1966, by Monfort Brothers of St.Gabriel. In a town like Chengalpattu, it is not uncommon to find a few generations of the same family educated from this school. Over the lifetime of nearly 80 years, the school and its infrastructure have shown very good growth.

Eminent teachers[edit]

Father Benedict, Father Mathew, Brother John of the cross, Brother Jerome Packiaraj, Brother Camillus,brother M.P.John, Mr. G.Sunderajan Iyengar (GS)- AHM & Famous Mathematician, Mr.Srinivasan (AHM), Mr.Palanivelu, Mr.L.Ramakrishnan.P.E.T, Mr.G.Venugopal,Mr.K.C.Venkataraman, Mr.T.M.Devasia, Mr.G.Sellapandi, Mr.Venkatesan, Mr.Arokiasamy, Mr.Kasthuri rangan, Mr. M. E. Srirangan,Mr.K.Ekambaram Mr. K. Balasubramanian, Mr.Mahalingam, Mr. S.P. Sivarajan, Mrs. Rathabai, Mrs. Rukumani -1971( LKG),Ms.Cinthia,Mr.R.Nalliah-PET, Mr.Selvin-Physical Director, Mr.Chandrasekar, Mr.B.G.Anthonyswamy, Mr.Murugaiah, Dr.Raghupatty, Mr.Pachayappan PET & NCC, Mr.Rajagopal vanja miss, Mrs.Mary margeret miss,Mrs. Hemalatha, pulavar Mr.chidambranathan Tamil teacher (who is got best film song award "earikarai poongatre" in "pancha Kalyani" Tamil film, mike maanikam, Mr.susaiper (care taker) Drawing MasterS, Mr.Michale, Krishnamurthy,Mr.James Kulandairaj, Mrs. Kalyani (used to be in St.Joseph's KG school), Mrs.Victoria ( Tamil teacher), Mr.Susairaj, Mr.Jeyaselan, Mr.Savarimuthu,Bro.Jose V Thomas ( Principal ), Mrs.Chitradevi, Mr. Gurumurthi, Mr. Chinnappan.

Eminent alumni[edit]

Nasser the famous Tamil actor, Sridhar the famous cine director, V.Srinivasan (the insurance expert), Seetharaman (the famous railway man), C.Venkatesan (Was a member of the Chingleput district cricket team), K.T.Dasarathi (the life insurance expert), K.T.Jagannathan (the famous journalist), K.T.Srinivasan (the famous industrialist), K.T.Krishnaswamy (A famous lawyer), P.N. Krishnan (Famous Lawyer), Joe Ranjith Stephens, Paul Prasanna, M.Ramakrishnan (Tamil Nadu Volleyball Player and Technical Committee Member in Tamil Nadu State Volleyball Association), Mr.A.Mahadevan,Former Sports Officer SDAT, Mr.A. Thiru ganasambatha moorty the former player of Football from the University of Madras, also a Commentator of Madras Doordharsan and also Chief Sub-Editor of "The Hindu" News Paper, Mr.ChoRamasamy(Actor,Director,Producer,Writer), Mr. N.R. Surya Narayanan (A very famous Chartered Accountant), Writer Gnani. Some of the notable Basketball players includes Malathri,Marie,Loganathan,Janarthanan,Kasi,Dakshinamurthy,Raja,Venkatramanan,Benjamin,Barani, Anil,Radhakrishnan,Satheesh,Sampath,Saravanasundar,Rajendrababu,Ezhilarasan,Baskar,Sridhar, Abdul,Dilipkumar,Leslie,Kumanan,Praveen etc. women Athletes Mrs.Vasumathy, Dr.M.Sarojini, D.Viji.

Our Motto "IN GOD IS OUR TRUST"[edit]

    • True education always aims at the manifestation of the "divine" that is within us. Hence in our search for the divine within us, we should always place our entire trust in HIM. All our learning and wisdom will turn out to be "folly" without HIM. The cross on the right hand side leads us to the realization that there is no success without struggle, sufferings and pain. It also tells us that God's ways may differ from our ways. The Lord who transformed the tree of shame, suffering and death into glory, inspires us to achievement through failures and defeats. Here again, St. Monfort's words"No cross what a cross" challenge us to face the vicissitudes of life.
  • Education is a pilgrimage from ignorance to truth. The star in our emblem guides us heavenward, never letting us be lost in the earth gains of mere learning and acquiring vegetative knowledge and degrees for bread and butter. In our march towards a new earth and new realms of discoveries we need to adorn our lives with values and virtues like the white lily of the field seen in the hands of St. Joseph, our patron, the protector of the innocent . He will shield us from all evils and will lead us to many victories in our daily battles of life. And then from our master and Lord we will receive that "Crown of glory" which awaits every one of us who runs the race of life.


  • Faith and Value formation are the priorities. The primary option is in favour of liberating the economically, educationally and culturally less favoured, in the society.
  • The staff and students become the active partners and the agents of social change.


Internet, e-mail and Homepage[edit]

  • The Lab also has the "internet" and e-mail facility (geojos@md3. Vsnl.
  • We have also created our own Home page (Web site) with a whole lot of information about the life of St. Monfort our founder, Brothers of St. Gabriel and above all, the history, development and growth of St. Joseph'e Group of Schools. It is a matter of Joy and delight to hear and see our children and staff sing the school song as you (any one) browse through our " home page " Periodically, we will be updatig this facility. URL address :-

Extra-curricular Activities[edit]

Sports have been at the forefront of the School ever since its establishment.It is noted for its excellent facilities and strong focus on sports such as Volleyball and basketball and giving equal importance to academics.

The school has an excellent basketball team.

Annual Day

Co-curricular Activities[edit]

  • Physical education
  • Games and sports
  • Literacy and debating association
  • Scouting
  • Social service league
  • Educational tours
  • Mathematics club
  • Athletic club
  • N.S.S
  • N.C.C
  • Fine arts association

St. Joseph's Group of Schools[edit]

Branch (Chengalpattu)[edit]

  • St Joseph's Higher Secondary School, Kancheepuram High Road, Chengalpattu - 603 002.
    • PHONE : (044) 27423486
  • St Joseph's Matriculation Higher Secondary school, Vedachalam nagar, Chengalpattu - 603 001.
    • PHONE : (044) 27431768
  • St Joseph's Primary school, Vedachalam nagar, Chengalpattu - 6003 001
    • PHONE : (044) 27432810
  • St Joseph's Primary school, J.C.K Nagar, Chengalpattu - 603 002.
    • Phone : (044) 27423540


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