St. Joseph Basilica (Webster, Massachusetts)

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Coordinates: 42°3′1.35″N 71°52′26.85″W / 42.0503750°N 71.8741250°W / 42.0503750; -71.8741250

St. Joseph Basilica
Basic information
Location Webster, Massachusetts, USA
Affiliation Roman Catholic
District Catholic Diocese of Worcester
Ecclesiastical or organizational status minor basilica
Architectural description
Architect(s) John William Donohue
Architectural style Neo-Gothic
Completed c.1910-1935

St. Joseph Basilica was founded in 1887 as the first Catholic parish in Webster, Massachusetts designated for Polish immigrants in New England. The basilica is located in the Catholic Diocese of Worcester.
In 1998, the parish church was raised to the dignity of a minor basilica by Pope John Paul II.


St. Joseph Basilica is a unique sacred edifice on the geographical landscape of New England. Its neo-gothic structure and rich artistic internal decor signify the dedication, pride and faith of its ancestors. The architect was John William Donahue of Springfield Massachusetts, who was for many years the official architect of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield and, in that capacity designed many buildings throughout Western and Central Massachusetts for Roman Catholic patrons. (The present-day Diocese of Worcester was then part of the Diocese of Springfield.)

The interaction of art and light, the symmetry of lines and shadows, the graceful colonnade, and the monumental and decorative marble columns impart a sense of stability, security and permanence.


  • The 150'th Anniversary of Polish-American Pastoral Ministry, Webster, Massachusetts (September 11, 2005)

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