St. Lorenz, Nuremberg

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Steeples of St. Lorenz seen from the West
Saint Lorenz Church in Nürnberg by Georg Christian Wilder (1797–1855)

St. Lorenz (St. Lawrence) is a medieval church of the former free imperial city of Nuremberg in southern Germany. It is dedicated to Saint Lawrence. The church was badly damaged during the Second World War and later restored. It is one of the most prominent churches of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.


The nave of the church was completed by around 1400. In 1439, work began on the choir in the form of a hall church in the late German sondergotik style of gothic architecture. The choir was largely completed by Konrad Roriczer,[1] although Jakob Grimm completed the intricate vaults.

In the choir one can find the carving of the Angelic Salutation by Veit Stoss, and the monumental tabernacle by Adam Kraft. The latter is notable for including a prominent figure of the sculptor himself.


The hall choir including the sacrament house by Adam Kraft

The church has three organs.

  • Main organ. Steinmeyer, Oettingen, 1937 rebuilt by Klais Orgelbau, Bonn, 2003. 5 manuals
  • Stephans Organ. Steinmeyer op. 34 from1862 formerly in the Evangelical Lutherin Church, Hersbruck, Restored in 2002 by Klais Orgelbau, Bonn. 2 manual
  • Laurentius Organ. Klais Orgelbau, Bonn 2005. 3 manual.

Coordinates: 49°27′04″N 11°04′41″E / 49.451°N 11.0780555556°E / 49.451; 11.0780555556

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