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The St. Louis Light, St. Louis Ghost Light, or St. Louis Ghost Train is a supposed paranormal phenomenon seen near St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The phenomenon has been featured on the television series Unsolved Mysteries[1] and entails a strange light moving up and down along an old abandoned rail line at night, changing colours and varying in brightness. The line, located south of Prince Albert and north of St. Louis, has had its tracks removed, but the phenomenon still occurs on a regular basis.

Several stories attempt to explain the lights, including that it is a ghost train, or the ghost of a drunk brakeman who lost his head to a passing train and now wanders up and down the tracks with a lantern attempting to find it.

Two twelfth grade students from La Ronge, Northern Saskatchewan, won science fair gold medals for investigating and eventually duplicating the phenomenon, which they determined to be caused by the diffraction of distant vehicle lights.[1] However, there is a problem with this theory: the light has been seen even before cars were invented.[citation needed] Also, sometimes, other lights appear, which are unlikely to come from cars, as they are in the trees.[2]

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