St. Lucie Inlet, Florida

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St. Lucie Inlet
Locations of St. Lucie Inlet, Florida

The St. Lucie Inlet, Florida is located between Hutchinson Island and Jupiter Island in Martin County, Florida, at coordinates 27°09′58″N 80°09′24″W / 27.16611°N 80.15667°W / 27.16611; -80.15667. The St. Lucie Inlet is one of six inlets into the Indian River Lagoon.

The St. Lucie Inlet appeared on maps in 1500 and 1683. It was the site of the Ais town of Santa Lucea, which Jonathan Dickinson's party passed through in 1696. As is true for most inlets between barrier islands, the inlet closed and opened repeatedly in the past through natural process. The inlet has been kept open for the past century-and-a-half by frequent dredging.


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