St. Luke's School (Manhattan)

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The logo, a winged ox
The area inside the main gate of the school with the main entrance to the right side of the picture. The statue in the middle, with a rose, is of the Virgin Mary. Behind the camera there is a gate and a path from the street that runs next to the The Church of St. Luke in the Fields.

St. Luke's School is a small independent, Episcopal primary school in Greenwich Village at 487 Hudson Street, Manhattan. Total enrollment is about 200 in kindergarten through eighth grade, with about twenty children in each grade, divided into a Lower School (grades K-4) and an Upper School (grades 5-8). It is located on the 1-acre (4,000 m2) block of The Church of St. Luke in the Fields. Since 2007 the Head of School is Bart Baldwin. The current Upper School head is Lyn Spyropoulos, and the current Lower School head is Mary Ann Hoffman.

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