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St. Mary's Academy Pasay City
Escuela Catolica de Pasay
Motto Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini
Established 1922
Type Private Catholic school
Founder Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo
Grades Kindergarten (Pre-school)
Grade School 1-6
High School 7-12
Location Pasay City, Philippines
Accreditation PAASCU
Campus Padre Burgos St., Pasay City
Colors Blue, and White          
Athletics Pep squad, badminton, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, taekwondo, aikido, sepak takraw, high jump, long jump
Nickname Ignacian/Marian
Hymns "Hail Saint Mary's.."
"The School We Love.."

St. Mary's Academy – Pasay (abbreviated as SMA or SMA-P) is a private, co-educational Catholic school in the city of Pasay in the Philippines. It is an Ignacian-Marian educational institution providing Catholic education which promotes "a solid foundation in Christian faith and the readiness to serve the Church and to the society".


St. Mary’s Academy is a Filipino Catholic school run by the Religious of the Virgin Mary or (RVM). The first pontifical Filipino Congregation for women in the Philippines which was founded in 1684 by a valiant Filipina, Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo. Previously, this was an all-girls school, since then it became a co-educational school.

St. Mary’s Academy was established in 1922 as “Escuela Catolica de Pasay”, managed by a parish priest, the late Reverend Egmidio Trinidad. It started with the Primary Level as the only course offered from 1922 to 1939. Upon the request of the late Archbishop of Manila, the Most Reverend Michael O’Doherty, the RVM Sisters took over the management of the school in 1939. A year later, through the leadership of the First Superior, Mother Maria Josefa Avendaño, the name of the school was changed to St. Mary’s Academy in honor of its patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On March 1946, the Elementary Course was granted government recognition and the General Secondary Course followed a year after. In 1947, the first 10 high school graduates received their certificates.

St. Mary’s Academy today has developed into an accredited school offering Kindergarten, Grade School, and High School curricula for boys and girls.

School Symbols[edit]

St. Mary's Academy is named in honor of Mother Mary, After changing from "Escuela Catolica de Pasay". It symbolizes Mary the mother of Jesus and also Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.


Athletic Facilities[edit]

St. Mary's Academy Gymnasiums - in use during P.E hours/classes neither Grade school & High School. It is only in use for sports events, practices such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, athletic performance(s), table tennis (separated in a room - HS) and sometimes in socialization.

  • St. Mary's Academy Grade School Gymnasium (For Pre-school & Intermediate levels only)
  • St. Mary's Academy High School Gymnasium (For High School students only)


St. Mary's Academy Quadrangle - in use for big events (family day, intramurals, sports events, practices & P.E classes as well, community day, flag ceremony (by level) and a lot more..) It is located at the center of the school.

Educational Facilities[edit]

St. Mary's Academy has 8 buildings and these buildings consists of Pre-school, Grade School and High School students.

  • St. Therese Building
  • St. Joseph Building
  • Holy Child Building
  • Marian building
  • Sacred Heart Building
  • Assumption Building
  • MIDES building
  • MICHD building


Each classroom is air-conditioned, consists of a high-quality projector, OHP, white screen, blackboard and contains 40-44 desks, depending on the number of students per room, either grade school or high school.

Though in the high school department, each classroom contains a platform. There are bulletin boards, lockers per student, crucifixes of Jesus Christ, White Screens, Projectors, pictures of Mother Mary and Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo.


St. Mary's Academy has 2 libraries, one for the grade school department and one for the high school department. Both libraries are air-conditioned and have an Internet Station.


The Grade School Department contains 2 science laboratories, 1 Art laboratory, 1 H.E.L.E. laboratory, 2 Computer laboratories and a Model House . A total of 7 laboratories. While in the High School Department, there are four laboratories in the category of science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physical science laboratories, 1 Computer laboratory, 1 T.L.E. laboratory and a Model House. A Total of 7 laboratories. There is a 1 Sewing laboratory and it is used by both grade school and high school students

Both Grade School and High School laboratories have computers. Two computers in the Grade School and while in the High School 3 computers. Each laboratories has an aid kit, has tips what to-do and what not to-do, Projectors, Televisions, Board and White Screen.

Other learning rooms[edit]

  • A.V.R - One in the Grade School Department and Two in the High School Department (A.V.R - A&B). Each one contains 40-50+ seats, contains blackboards, Projectors, White Screens, Platforms, computers and televisions.
  • T.I.I Room - In the Grade School Department it contains a touch board, white board, computers, long tables and chairs. In the high school department it contains a touch board, white board, 40-45 desks, extra chairs, and flat screened computers.

Cafeteria & Canteens[edit]

SMA-P consists of 1 Cafeteria and 3 Canteens for the Grade School and High School students.


For the grade school department, they have 1 prayer room, though it is often used by the pupils. It contains seats preferable similar to the church seats, a table, status, kneeling tables, and crucifix of Christ. In the High School Department, in contains seats similar to the church, statues, Table, Platform, and Crucifix of Christ.


It contains seats per student, a stage with curtains each side, air-conditioned, windows covered with dark blue curtains, audio center, white screen, dressing rooms, and a computer. It is used for graduations, presentations per class, activities, socialization and a lot more.

Health Center[edit]

Since the old health center was small, it was moved in a much bigger room in the assumption building. It contains beds, seats, main desk, dental office, doctor's office, restrooms, and crucifixes and a few more.


The Elevator is done. It connects Ground Floor up to 5th Floor.

Student Activities[edit]

Clubs helps each student, to improve their skills such as in sports, arts, media, logic, technology, mathematics, science, English, and leadership. The school also have a varsity team, which represents the school both local and international competitions such as Basketball, swimming, badminton, volleyball, and table tennis.

Marian Student Government (MSG)[edit]

The Marian Student Government helps, and disciplines the students for the High School Department. While for the Grade School Department it is called to be Graders Barangayette where in is helps and disciplines the student for the Grade School Department only.

These are the elected officers through the desire vote of each student & pupils. The Grade School Department elected officers handles the Grade 1-6. And In the High School Department the elected officers will handle the Grade 7-12

Co-curricular in the Grade School Department[edit]

  • Children's Music Ministry Club (CMM)
  • Cooky tips Club
  • Earth Force Club
  • Junior Girl Scouts
  • Glee Club
  • Grader Barangayette
  • Little Marian Publication
  • Marian health Volunteers
  • Microbial Club
  • Peer Facilitators Club
  • Sadulaw Club
  • Aiki Club
  • Dance Club
  • Dance Troupe
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Spikers Club
  • Taekwando Club
  • Media Club
  • Think Good it's Math
  • Yearbook club
  • Young English speakers club (YES)
  • Young Masters' Club

Co-Curricular for the High School Department[edit]

  • Badminton Club
  • Basketball Club (Boys)
  • Booklovers Club
  • Chess Club
  • Creative Arts Club
  • Dance Club
  • eQuest Society A Club
  • eQuest Society B Club
  • Earth Savers Society
  • English Prowess
  • Glee Club
  • Homemakers Club
  • Knights of the Altar
  • Marian Health Volunteer
  • Marian Math Wizards
  • Marian Post
  • Marian Student Government
  • Marian Math Circle
  • Marian Truth Crusaders
  • Media Watchers Guild
  • Mother Ignacia Club
  • Peer Facilitators Club
  • Science Wizards
  • AIKI Club
  • Dance Troupe Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Taekwando Club
  • Volleyball Club (Boys)
  • Volleyball Club (Girls)
  • Yearbook Club

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