St. Mary's High School, Mt. Abu

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St. Mary's High School is a private Catholic school located in the oasis of Mount Abu in the Aravalli Range of Rajasthan in western India.[1] The school is operated by the Irish Christian Brothers and it accepts boys for both day and boarding.

Due to the cold climate the scholastic year usually runs from March to November. Education begins from grade four and ends at grade ten with a centralized ICSE board exam. The majority of the students come from the Catholic community of Mumbai.[citation needed]

The school opened in 1887 as Mount Abu Railway School. Upon takeover by the Christian Brothers in 1929, it was renamed St Mary's.[2] The school is situated away from the city, surrounded by jungle and as such provides a calm environment for the students. It has a dam close by known as the Lower Kodhra Dam. For sporting activities the school has six football pitches, three volleyball courts and four basketball courts, it also has a swimming pool.[citation needed]