St. Nicholas' Deanery Church, Znojmo

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Dating back to approx. 1100. Consecrated to St Nicolas, the patron saint of merchants. In 1190 the newly founded Louka Abbey just below Znojmo was given this church by Conrad II, Duke of Bohemia.

In the 13th century it belonged to the City of Znojmo. Following the Great Fire of Znojmo in 1335 (in which the old church burnt to the ground), a completely new church was built, which is the present Gothic church it was re-built several times during the 15th century.

In December 1437 the dead body of Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund was publicly displayed inside the church.

In the baroque era the parts of the church were modified ( statues, paintings, side chapels, altars,).

The present church tower was built as late as the mid-19th century, quite unusually behind the chapel. The original Gothic church tower, which stood at the south front, was dilapidated at that time and was demolished.

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Coordinates: 48°51′17″N 16°02′46″E / 48.85472°N 16.04611°E / 48.85472; 16.04611