St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railway station

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St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs
North Pole Road in London, 2013.jpg
The former entrance to the station on North Pole Road
St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs is located in Greater London
St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs
St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs
Location of St. Quintin Park & Wormwood Scrubs in Greater London
Place North Kensington
Local authority Hammersmith and Fulham
Grid reference TQ230816
Platforms 2
Original company West London Railway
Pre-grouping West London Railway
Post-grouping West London Railway
1 August 1871 (1871-08-01) First station opened as Wormwood Scrubs
1 August 1892 Renamed St Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubbs
1 November 1893 Resited
3 October 1940 (1940-10-03) Closed (last train)
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UK Railways portalCoordinates: 51°31′13″N 0°13′40″W / 51.5204°N 0.2279°W / 51.5204; -0.2279

St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railway station, sometimes known simply as "Wormwood Scrubs station", was a station on the West London Line in London, UK. It was situated on an embankment next to North Pole Road in North Kensington, close to the junction with Wood Lane.

The station has been located on two separate sites; the original station building and platforms, constructed mostly of wood, opened on 1 August 1871, but closed in 1893 when the station was resited 100 yards (91 m) further north on the north side of North Pole Road. It retained the same name and remained in service until 3 October 1940 when it was severely damaged by fire during the bombing of London in World War II. The station, also of wooden construction, burned away and it was never reopened.[1]

Most electric trains on the West London Line stop near the site of the station to change current collection method as the line to the north is electrified by AC overhead wires and to the south by DC third rail. In February 2009 local authority leaders lobbied Government to provide a new station a short distance to the north of the disused one,

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Uxbridge Road   West London Line   Willesden Junction


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