St. Regis River

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For the US Navy vessel, see USS St. Regis River.
For the St. Regis River in Montana, see St. Regis River (Montana).
The St. Regis River at St. Regis Falls.
St. Regis River as seen from Azure Mountain, Waverly

The St. Regis River is an 86-mile-long (138 km)[1] river in northern New York in the USA. It flows into the Saint Lawrence River at the hamlet of St Regis in the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation. The Saint Regis River basin includes Upper and Lower St. Regis Lakes, and Saint Regis Pond in the Saint Regis Canoe Area.

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Coordinates: 44°58′27″N 74°39′52″W / 44.9743°N 74.6645°W / 44.9743; -74.6645