St. Thomas' Girls' High School

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St. Thomas' Girls' High School
St. Thomas' Girls' High School Crest.jpg
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Type All-Girls government school.
Motto "Not for Self, But for All."
Color(s) Red and Yellow

St. Thomas' Girls' High School is a leading girls' school in Sri Lanka.[citation needed] Located in The Matara District - Sri Lanka's southern-most District, if you look at a Map of Sri Lanka - of The Southern Province.


From the end of 1939 to the end of 1945, Somakumari Samarasinha was principal.[1] She was followed by Mrs. Wijeratna and Mrs. Buddhapriya.[2]

They were followed by Mrs. De Silva and Mrs. Bultjens.

The school started at a rented house on Main Street, Matara. It was moved to its present location in Walpola in 1950.

In 2009, one student died in hospital and 27 others were treated in hospital after they had received a rubella vaccination in the school.[3][4]

St. Thomas' Girls' High School Today[edit]

Matara District


  Period Name
1st Mrs.Calendar

School Anthem[edit]

Srilak Matha Nalal thalehi Kunkuma Thilakaya Manahari Matara Purawarahi Lowa Pujitha Santha Thomas Balika Widuhala//

The original school song was in English which went (best recollection of a student in 1950)

"So this is the song of the happy throne of St. Thomas' school where love is the rule. Not for self but for all - our motto is called and the girls are Ceylon in the making"

"Not for self but for all" still remains the school's motto.

College Houses[edit]

College Houses' names Listed in the alphabetical order.

  • AMATHYST Colour : Purple     
  • EMERALD Colour : Green     
  • RUBY Colour : Red     
  • SAPHPHIRE Colour : Blue     


Many Thomian Girls are interested in many sports.[citation needed]


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