St. Viator School (Paradise, Nevada)

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St. Viator School
4246 S Eastern Ave
Paradise, Nevada, Clark County, 89119
United States
Coordinates 150 degrees west 132 degrees north
School type Tuition, Parochial
Motto Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with God.
Patron saint(s) St. Viator
Established 1965
Opened 1965
Status Open
School board Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas, NV
School district Diocese of Las Vegas
School number 33
Dean None
Grades Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
Gender Male, Female
Age range 4-14
Enrollment Closed
Average class size 33-35
Classes offered 1st - 8th grade
Language English & Spanish
Hours in school day 6.75
Classrooms 18
Campus Pre-K through K, 1st - 8th
Campus size Small
Campus type Private
School colour(s) Blue and Gold
Slogan Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with God.
Athletics Physical education
Sports Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Swimming, Track and Field, Volleyball, Softball, Table tennis, Jump Rope Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Painting club
Mascot Stallion
Team name Stallions
Rival St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton, St. Anne's. St. Joseph's, St. Francis de Sales, St. Christopher, Our Lady of Las Vegas
Newspaper St Viator Weekly
Tuition $600 per month

St. Viator School is a Catholic school, located in Paradise, Nevada. It includes grades Pre-K to 8th grade. There are two classes per grade, and K-8 have full day classes. This school belongs to the St. Viator Parish, which belongs to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas, Nevada.


St. Viator School's education program starts in pre-kindergarten, with half day classes. By Kindergarten students attend full-day classes. This continues to eighth grade. In Kindergarten they start on their basic education, which includes religion classes focusing on Catholicism.

By first grade a basic program is instituted that continues to fourth grade.

By the fifth grade, the students change classes for either Science or Social Studies. Lab sciences are gradually introduced. The students also participate in D.A.R.E., a program which educates them about the effects of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. The fifth grade classes place an emphasis on preparing the students for junior-high.

In junior-high, the students receive their first lockers and follow a rotating schedule to accommodate the student/faculty ratio, which is low. Classes include English, spelling, Spanish, science, computer science, religion, social studies, reading, math, physical education, and conflict resolution/band/T.R.I.B.E/study skills. All subjects are taught every day with the exception of computer science, physical education, and conflict resolution/band/tribe/study skills.

A majority of students attend Bishop Gorman High School after graduation.

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