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St. Wapniacl is a Mnemonic which was used for decades to help remember the offices of the President of the United States' Cabinet, in their order of creation and importance.

The Mnemonic[edit]

Those cabinet offices were: State, Treasury, War, Attorney-General, Postmaster-General, Navy, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor.


This mnemonic has been obsolete since 1947 when the Departments of War and the Navy were combined into the Department of Defense by the National Security Act of 1947.

The usefulness of this mnemonic has been further eroded by the following changes to the US cabinet since 1947:

Modern Usage[edit]

Although obsolete for nearly sixty years, St. Wapniacl can still be found to be referenced on occasion.[1]

Suggestions for replacement[edit]

A 1988 editorial in the New York Times first suggested a new mnemonic which has later been revised to become: See The Dog Jump In A Circle; Leave Her House To Entertain Educated Veterans' Homes.


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