St. Zacharie Maine - St. Zacharie Quebec Border Crossing

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St. Zacharie Maine - St. Zacharie Quebec Border Crossing
St. Zacharie border station.jpg
US Border Inspection Station at St. Zacharie Maine
Country United States; Canada

US Port: Golden Road, St. St. Zacharie, Maine 04945

Canadian Port: None
Coordinates 46°05′34″N 70°17′25″W / 46.092765°N 70.290195°W / 46.092765; -70.290195
Opened 1972
US Phone (418) 593-3264
Canadian Phone None
Hours 6:00 AM-8:00 PM Weekdays

The St. Zacharie, Maine - St. Zacharie, Quebec border crossing is used primarily by people and vehicles involved in logging the forests on the US side of the border. Canada does not inspect vehicles entering from Maine at this location. Golden Road, and the roads that connect to it were developed by the Great Northern Paper Company to support its logging operations.[1]


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