St Augustine's RC High School

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Coordinates: 53°48′58″N 2°25′37″W / 53.816°N 2.427°W / 53.816; -2.427

For other schools/colleges of the same name, see St. Augustine's (disambiguation)
St Augustine's RC High School
St. Augustine's Roman Catholic High School.jpg
Mottoes Fidei Heredes
Established 1963
Type Voluntary Aided
Religion Roman Catholic
Headteacher Mr Michael Wright
Deputy Heads Mrs. A. Wilkinson, B.Sc., N.P.Q.H.
Chair of Governors Mr Philip Gunn
Location Elker Lane
Local authority Lancashire
DfE URN 119801 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Staff 69 Teachers
Students 1062
Gender mixed
Ages 11–16
Houses Barlow, Clitheroe, Fisher, Line, More, Owen, Southworth, Ward.
Colours Maroon     Blue    
Catholic Staff 2
Previous Headteacher Mr. Anthony McNamara

St Augustine's RC High School is a leading, mixed, age 11-16 and oversubscribed school in Billington, Lancashire, England. The School specialises in Languages and Science.


The school opened in 1963 originally intaking 450 pupils. Its popularity has grown and it is now the largest Roman Catholic High School in its LEA.


Curriculum at KS3[edit]

Subject Allocated Time
RE 8%
English 12%
Mathematics 12%
Science 12%
History 8%
RMFL 10%
PE/ Games 8%
Art 4%
ICT 4%
Geography 8%
Music 4%
Design Technology 6%
Drama 2%

Curriculum at KS4[edit]

Every student must take Maths and English along with either Double Award Science, or separate sciences. These are allocated 3 slots per week. Although St Augustines is a specialist language college, learning a language is not obligatory. Pupils must select more courses in order to fill the time table. Each non-core subject takes up 2 periods per week on the time table.

Notable former pupils[edit]

Senior Staff[edit]

  • Michael Wright, Head Teacher
  • Catherine Hughes-Gooding, Deputy Head Teacher (pastoral care)
  • Angela Wilkinson, Deputy Head Teacher (curriculum)
  • Helen Holt, Assistant Head
  • C. Greenough, Assistant Head.


The main school uniform consists of:

Item Boys Girls
Blazer Black (maroon jumpers for year 11s) Black (maroon jumpers for year 11s)
Shirt Light Blue Light Blue
Tie striped in maroon, black and white striped in maroon, black and white
Lower Part Black Trousers Grey Skirt
Socks Black White
Shoes Plain Black Plain Black
  • Maroon V-neck pullovers optional during autumn/winter term (Years 7-10)*


There are many different subjects taught at St Augustine's. In year 9, options are taken for pupils to choose their own subjects. All subjects are taken in years 7-9.

  • English - split into English Language and English Literature in year 10.
  • Mathematics
  • Science - in year 9 pupils can opt for 'triple science' (biology, chemistry and physics) or 'Science' (a grouping of all three)
  • Modern Foreign Languages - split into French, German and Spanish. In Year 10, Italian can by taken
  • Art
  • Resistant Materials
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Food Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Music
  • Information Computer Technology (ICT)
  • History - splits into pre 20th century and 20th century at year 9
  • Geography
  • Drama
  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • PHSE

At GCSE level, pupils can also have 'study periods', which are free periods to catch up on work.

Also year 8 now take options they choose one subject (music, drama, P.E and technology subjects) and all pupils must take one language (French, Italian, German or Spanish)


Year 5 A* - C
2004 80%
2005 85%
2006 86%
2007 87%
2008 89%
2009 90%


St Augustine's won the DfES School Achievement Award for both 2000–2001 and 2001–2002. It was the only high school in Lancashire to be awarded Beacon status in 2002. In 2003 it became one of the first Leading Edge Schools in England and one of Lancashire’s first three Specialist Science Colleges. In 2008 it achieved High Performing Specialist College status and was also awarded Specialist Languages College status.


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