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Schola Columbae
St. Columba's School
Ashok Place, New Delhi, NCR, India
Type Private
Motto Sapere aude sincere et constanter
Dare to be wise, sincerely and constantly
Principal Br.beddoe , CFC
Faculty 80+
Grades KG-12
Enrollment 2800+
Color(s) Green      and Gold     
Mascot Dove
Affiliation CBSE

St. Columba's School, Delhi, India, was established in 1941, one of twelve English Medium schools of its kind conducted by the Indian Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers which was founded by Edmund Rice, a Roman Catholic missionary and educationalist. It has followed the CBSE system of education since 1991. The campus of St. Columba's School is located in the heart of Delhi and extends over several acres. The school admits only boys.[1] Students are referred to as Columbans.



Officially opened on 29 April 1941, St. Columba's School began with 32 boys in New Delhi next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, admitting through class 6. It was one of the first schools in India to introduce computer education. The junior school opened in 1942, at the site of what previously had been a rose garden.

The Founding[edit]

St. Columba's was founded in 1941, by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a Catholic society from Ireland that has undertaken missionary and educational work worldwide. This group, also informally known as the Christian Brothers, was founded by Edmund Ignatius Rice. St. Columba's School, New Delhi is one of the 19 Christian Brothers Schools in India.

In 1762 Edmund Ignatius Rice was born into an affluent farming family in Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Aged 17, he showed so much promise in his uncle's firm that soon the reins of the family business were handed over to him. His material success was paralleled by charitable activities and spiritual growth. His faith was tested with the death of his wife during childbirth. Faced with the responsibility of raising a motherless daughter, he saw the plight of other destitute children living on the streets. He decided to provide care for these street waifs. He embarked upon the task of rehabilitating boys who had become accustomed to life in the streets, and found it difficult to conform to schooling.[citation needed]

Notable alumni[edit]

Academics & Science[edit]

Sanjay Gandhi, politician and member of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, is an alumnus of St. Columba's School
Shah Rukh Khan, actor is an alumnus of St. Columba's School
Rahul Gandhi, politician and member of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, is an alumnus of St. Columba's School

Arts & Entertainment[edit]

  • Shah Rukh Khan, 2012, Indian actor, named "the world's biggest movie star" by the Los Angeles Times, was also a winner of the Sword of Honor, the highest accolade a graduating senior can achieve.[6]
Deepak Chopra, physician, public speaker and New Age writer, Batch of 1963
Kunal Nayyar, known for his role as Rajesh Koothrappali on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, is an alumnus of St. Columba's School





  • Amreshwar Pratap Singh, Brigadier, 1967, recipient of the Sena Medal-Gallantry, Bar to Sena Medal-Gallantry and Vishisht Seva Medal medals, International yachtsman, member of the First Indian Sailing Expedition Around the World on Trishna 1985-87, National Coach and International Race Officer[14]


Senior School[edit]

The senior school building once housed the entire school. Today, the 11th and 12th classes are to be found here along with a library, science laboratories and the administration wing. On the first floor were the residences of the Christian Brothers, which were shifted to the Provincialate Wing in 2011.

Edmund Rice Hall[edit]

The Edmund Rice Hall (ERH) has an indoor basketball cum badminton court. It has a stage at one end, seating space to accommodate more than 2000 people and stadium-like step seating at the far end. It hosts the annual Christmas Play that is a major attraction, being organised entirely by the students and the faculty. It also hosts the Columban Jindal basketball tournament.

Columban Open Quiz[edit]

The Columban Open Quiz, organised by St. Columba's School every August, features almost 250 teams of four members each. Started in 1987, it was earlier organised in the Diocesan Community Centre close to St. Columba's School (SCS), but from 2001 onwards it has been in the ERH, a multipurpose hall located near the Middle School. Since 2007, the finals and semi-finals have been held in the Junior School Hall. It is organised by a team comprising Senior School teachers and current Quiz Society from the Senior School of SCS, while the Preliminary Rounds, which are written, and then the Quarter-Finals are set by the members of the last Quiz Society. The 2014 edition was won by Delhi Public School Noida. [15]

The Columban[edit]

The Columban is an annual magazine made by the Editorial Board composed of students of class 11. The magazine has become a tradition and is eagerly looked forward to each year by faculty and students. The magazine features articles by students and interviews with notable alumni.


St. Columba's School is highly popular for the accolades it presents to its deserving students each year with the most popular being the 'Sword Of Honour' which is the highest accolade a graduating senior can achieve.

The Student Council[edit]

St. Columba's School has a 33-member Student Council in the Senior School. For the year 2014-15, the President of the Student Council is Parth Maniktala, with the Vice-President being Aditya Garg and three secretaries as Vipul Lamba, Siddhant Pyasi and Siddharth Kumar. The members of the Student Council are also known as the Class Representatives. 3 students from each section of Class XI and XII are selected on the discretion of their class teachers, with the exception being the newly instituted IT section, where only 1 class representative is selected .

The Debating Society[edit]

St. Columba's School is one of the few schools in New Delhi to have a debating society. In 2014, President of the Debating Society is Kundan Sen. The debates are held each year among sections of class 11 and class 12. A best speaker's debate is then held in which the best speakers of class 11 and class 12 go head to head in a heated debate, with the entire senior school in the audience.

The Columban Educators[edit]

St. Columba's School is one of the few schools in New Delhi to have a Peer Educator Society . Its aim is to make young students cope with peer pressure. Another primary objective of the society is to work towards a better society. It operates under the guidance of the school's counsellor.

The Quiz Society[edit]

St. Columba's School is one of the first schools in New Delhi to have a Quiz Society, that organizes the Columban Open Quiz each year. The current president of the Quiz Society is Sidhant Pyasi . The society has won many quizzes including The Penguin Quiz, Inquisitive, The Limca Quiz, Quizophoria, and the Columban Open Quiz. This year the society won Prodigy 2013, Champ-eon and runners-up in Impressionante and Quiz USA and also were finalists in the Mod Quiz General (team composed of Ravtej Singh, Siddhant Pyasi, Ishan Gupta and John Manuel), Vasant Valley Quiz (team composed of Ravtej Singh and John Manuel), Intel-Aeon, Hansraj Quiz, ITMU Biztech Quiz.

The Columban Fest[edit]

The Columban Fest is an annual event organized in the Senior School by The Columban Fest Society where the students showcase their talents. The society is led by Kartik Gill as the president of the Columban Fest Society 2014-2015. It includes cultural events like Trishna- Act and Art, Cadence-The band competition, Footloose- The dance competition, Conflux-The commerce symposium, Run- The computer symposium, Ehsaas- Short Film Making, poetry writing, poster making, crossword, logo designing, sketching, rangoli making, best out of waste, website designing, photography and singing competition. The Columban Fest is a two-day event in which the first day bares witness to an intra-class competition while the second day features an inter school competition with prominent schools from New Delhi taking part.


SYMSCI is the science symposium organized for the students of class 10. Students give presentations before a panel of judges after which they are questioned. The event seeks to engage young minds and help them develop scientific thinking. The topics of the presentation range from Plasma to Plant hormones. The topic for 2014's symposium was "Life Processes".Unlike past few years, this year the SYMSCI was an interschool competition. The winner of the SYM-SCI 2014 was: St.Columba's School Topic: Anal Stenosis Members: Tushar Jain, Aryan Vij, Raghav Garg (CA) and Arush Michael


Anubhuti is an inter-school Hindi debate organized for the students of class 10. This debate has been organized from the year 1993. In 2013, this debate was won by the host school. The topic of the debate was " सफलता की होड़ में मानविया मूल दिये छोड". Arshween Kaur Narang of St. Thomas' School was pronounced the best speaker FOR the topic while Shivam Parashar of St. Columba's School was announced as the best speaker speaking AGAINST the topic. Last year's participants were Sambhav Sharma speaking For the motion and Manan Wadhawan speaking Against the motion.


The socials are an annual event at St. Columba's School where the students of class12 interact with the girls from the other schools. The socials have been conducted with Convent of Jesus and Mary (CSJ), Carmel Convent, Mater Dei and Loreto Convent, Delhi. The socials last took place on 1 December 2012 for class 12 with the students of Loreto Convent playing host. The socials of class 10 have been discontinued.


The summer uniform is a white shirt, white trousers, belt striped in green and gold, white socks with green and gold stripes, and black shoes.

The winter uniform is a white shirt, dark grey trousers, bottle green blazer with the school emblem, a bottle green half-sleeved sweater, a bottle green full-sleeved sweater, a bottle green muffler with gold stripes, black shoes and dark grey socks with the tie (green and gold) made compulsory.

The School Anthem[edit]

We sing praises of you St. Columba
Scholars of Columba's we
Dare to be wise always
Sincere and constant we.
This is our motto that guides us
Through life eternally
This truth we learn in our days of youth
Gives us strength in fraternity.

With glory glows the spirit of S.C.S.
Marking all our efforts with true success
And our alma mater seals us as a chosen band
We all work together for the glory of our land.

We sing praises of you St. Columba
Scholars of Columba's we
Dare to be wise always
Sincere and constant we.
This is our motto that guides us
Through life eternally
This truth we learn in our days of youth
Gives us strength in fraternity.

Pride in carrying our banners of green and gold
Banners that will lead us towards all our goals
Service to others and our nations good
We all come together in godly brotherhood.

We sing praises of you St. Columba
Scholars of Columba's we
Dare to be wise always
Sincere and constant we.
This is our motto that guides us
Through life eternally
This truth we learn in our days of youth
Gives us strength in fraternity.


The 14th and current principal of the school is Br. Michael R. Beddoe

The following is a list of all the principals :

  • Br. Richard Butler (1941–1943)
  • Br. William McKeogh (1944–1950)
  • Br. J. J. Crease (1950–1955)
  • Br. B. C. Morrow (1955–1961)
  • Br. E. X. Leonard (1961–1966)
  • Br. F. J. Steinmayer (1966–1969)
  • Br. J. N. Foley (1969–1975)
  • Br. R. B. Oman (1975–1982)
  • Br. J. P. Pinto (1982–1987)
  • Br. Carmo Noronha (1987–1990)
  • Br. W. A. D'souza (1990–1996)
  • Br. Simon Coelho (1996–2002)
  • Br. P. C. Christopher (2002–2006)
  • Br. L. D. Lobo (2006–2012)
  • Br. M. R. Beddoe (2012-

In popular culture[edit]

The elegant red-brick senior building and its large playing field has been featured in four television commercials:

  1. One of them featured Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorsing Sonata watches
  2. Another had Yuvraj Singh promoting Birla Sun Life Insurance.
  3. The marketing campaign for the Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo processor.
  4. The Commonwealth Games 2010 television ad featuring Garvit Narula starts off with a shot of the Senior School Building, and carries on through various spots of Delhi.
  5. A movie was also recently made in SCS. This movie is Sixteen featuring SCS as a co-ed school.

Old Columbans Association[edit]

The Old Columban Association (OCA) is an association for the alumni. Its mission is to promote St. Columba's School and its students, and to unite alumni and friends in support of each other and the school. The current president of the OCA is Dalip Mehra of the 1983 batch. The OCA annually organizes the OCA Sports Carnival in which the OCA competes against the senior school students in cricket, football and basketball matches. Every year, the OCA organizes the Golden Jubilee and Silver Jubilee of batches which have graduated 50 years and 25 years ago respectively. In 2010, the Golden Jubilee of the 1960 batch, and the Silver Jubilee of the 1985 batch, was celebrated. In February 2011, The OCA organized "The Great Columban Desert Safari" in Dubai, UAE. It was attended by 65 people, including the OCA wives and children.The OCA is actively supporting the Edmund Rice Post 250 Event and Appeal along with all other Christian Brothers Schools.,Internationally . The OCA regularly updates its database of alumni to encourage members to participate in events and support the fraternity.The OCA operates six days a week at the OCA Centre and can be reached on tel numbers +91.11.23748666/77/88 and email

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