Church of Cosmas and Damian, Moscow

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St Cosmas and St Damian Church
Церковь Космы и Дамиана в Старых Панех
St Cosmas and St Damian Church in Old Panei, (north façade)
Coordinates: 55°45′22″N 37°37′34″E / 55.75611°N 37.62611°E / 55.75611; 37.62611
Location Moscow
Country Russia
Denomination Russian Orthodox
Founded 1462 (wooden), 1564 in stone
Dedication Saints Cosmas and Damian
Functional status Active
Style Russian

The Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian in Old Panei (Russian: Церковь Космы и Дамиана в Старых Панех), is a Russian Orthodox church dedicated to the twin Saints Cosmas and Damian, Christian martyrs of the 4th century.


It is located in the Kitai-gorod, in Moscow, Russia. In the 16th-17th century. Since 1508 it was a location of the Polish diplomatic mission in Russia, since that time this place called Pany or Stary Pany. The wedding of Ivan the Terrible and his sixth wife Vasilisa Melentyeva in 1575 was held in this church.


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