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St. George's Academy
Motto aiming high to achieve excellence for all
Established 1908
Type Academy
Principal Mr. P F Watson
Governor Graham Arnold
Founder Mr. H H Godfrey, 1908
Location Westgate
NG34 7PS
England Coordinates: 53°00′00″N 0°24′50″W / 53.000°N 0.414°W / 53.000; -0.414
DfE number 925/6909
DfE URN 136044 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Staff 327 (19 September 2011)
Students 1,888 (19 September 2011)
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Houses Godfrey, Rooksby, Phipps, Logan, Lovell, Lindsey, Kesteven, Holland

St. George's Academy is an secondary school in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England.[1] It was founded in 1908 and has now moved sites to the 32-acre (13 ha) land it is currently on. In 1994 the School gained specialist schools status as a Technology College.[2] The school's facilities include a childcare centre that was opened in June 2008.[3] It was called St. Georges College of Technology until January 2010.

It began as the First secondary school in the town to admit both male and female students, Kesteven and Sleaford High School took and still takes only girls and Carre's Grammar School admits boys only.

The academy constitutes one half of the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form.


  • Vice Principals: Mrs H Anderson, Mr M Bamford, Mrs L Caslin, Mr T Crawshaw, Mrs J Steward, Mrs K Squire, Mr S Stinchcombe.
  • Location: Lincolnshire (County of England)

The School has over one thousand eight hundred students on roll which is not including part of the Joint Sixth Form, spanning two years (Lower and Upper Sixth). The school day for students begins at 8:40 and ends at 3:25. It is on the site of Westholme house, a 19th-century Gothic building, which is said to be haunted.[4]


St. George's is a secondary modern school in Lincolnshire, England, which was first opened in 1908. It is located on Westholme off Westgate in the town of Sleaford. St. Georges contrasts with the other secondary (grammar) schools in the town, being the only one accepting both male and female students from the age of 11 until 18. It is one of the largest schools in Lincolnshire, with about 1,800 pupils.[5]

At A level, some pupils may be allowed to transfer to either grammar school, but many A levels are taught in a joint fashion via the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form.[6] The school also has links with the William Alvey CE primary school.


New Building recently completed (July 2012)
Westholme House, the Sixth form centre and the oldest part of the site.

The school opened on 4 May 1908 and was known as Sleaford New Council Schools and was built on Church Lane. Male and female lessons were conducted separately.[7][8] Soon after it became Sleaford County Secondary School. In 1946, the school opened a series of new buildings at Westholme Park as Sleaford Secondary Modern School.[9]

Being in rural Lincolnshire, there were many lessons on agriculture with livestock being kept on the site. In 1984, the Church Lane site was demolished and a new infants school built. The school changed its name to become the St George's Technology School and it features the dragon on its badge. The agricultural lessons were dropped and the school became one of only twelve Technology Colleges (a specialist school) in England in February 1994.[2]

The Stable Blocks originally used for keeping horses still exist, and the school has a relatively large playing field on-site with eight tennis courts. The Brealey Languages Centre opened in 1985, the library and resource centre opened in 1999, the sports hall was opened in January 2001 by the Bishop of Grantham and a new science block and construction academy opened in 2005. * In the 2007/2008 academic year, the school made national news when there was a minor leak of Sulphur Dioxide in the science block, leaving several students needing medical attention after collapsing.[10]

In 2007 a new house was created, with the temporary name 'house' at first until a vote between 'Mason' (the first teacher on roll) and 'Lovell' (the first student on roll) declared Lovell the new name of the so-called '5th house'. Its colour is purple.

The school is situated just south of Tesco.

On 1 January 2010, the school closed to form an academy. It combined with Ruskington's Coteland's School and Billingboough's Aveland School. The new academy is called 'St. George's Academy'.

The Brealey Centre[edit]

Opened in 1985, The Brealey Language Centre was constructed using the funds that the school governors had authorised. The centre had a satellite dish fitted that could pick up signals from Russia. The Centre has a large Lab, located in the heart of the block.

Once opened the Lab housed 30 BBC computers (complete with audio stations) and a special hub for teachers to monitor the class. In those days, the favoured software was 'Fun With Texts' (which is still used now to some extent). All of the PCs in the lab were networked but unfortunately the lab was not networked to the rest of the school, with few means of computerised communication.

During the early 1990s A-level Computing for the whole of Sleaford Sixth Form was hosted at the Brealey Centre, the programming language of choice being Turbo Pascal 6.0.

In 1994 St. George's received its Specialist Status and it was decided to connect the languages centre to the main school and adopt a complete network. Even today the centre still houses the main server to the school. Software and teaching methods changed as technology advanced and Microsoft Windows was installed in the 1990s.

Now the main Lab has been divided in two and the hub removed, with flat screen monitors and Windows 7 installed it is considerably modern but St. George's are still trying to find more ways to improve.[11]


St. George's started planning to form an academy in 2008. It has now merged with the Avelands School, located in Billingborough and Cotelands School, located in Ruskington.[12] It received Academy status as from 1 January 2010.[13] It has now taken over more schools, including a primary school in Ruskington. As the minimum age to enter primary school is 2 & 1/2 years old, this now means that a student could potentially begin at St Georges Academy at 212 and stay there (moving location, but still part of StGAcademy) until they are 19 years old. Therefore a student could spend over 16 years at this Academy.

As of 1 September 2012 the Billingborough site was closed and the remaining students were moved to either the Sleaford or Ruskington sites.

Academic performance[edit]

The school's GCSE results are:

  • 54% of pupils gaining five grades A-C including English and Maths in 2007.
  • It gets the second best GCSE results in North Kesteven, after Branston Community College.
  • It has a sixth form, which is part of a unique Joint Sixth Form (shared with Carres Grammar school - the boy's grammar school, located just outside Tesco).[14][15]

The College has gained numerous awards during its history. The following are some of the current awards:

  • Specialist Schools Trust: Technology Status (Technology Colleges specialise in teaching mathematics, science, design technology, and information and communication technology (ICT)).[2]
  • Specialist School Trust: Applied Learning.
  • Outstanding Ofsted Report.[16]
  • LEPP (Leading Edge Partnership Programme).
  • Artsmark Award from the Arts Council of England.
  • Fairtrade: In May 2008 the College gained Fairtrade School status and sells and encourages the sale of Fairtrade products. The food on sale is supplied by Traidcraft. The College is now supporting the initiative for Sleaford to become a Fairtrade Town.[17][18]
  • Part of Healthy Schools Programme.

The school has many other awards too, but these are the recent and major awards.

Notable teachers[edit]

  • Mr. Mark Wallington (b 1952), teacher, former Professional Footballer. Teaches PE.[19]


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