St John Fisher Catholic High School (Peterborough)

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St. John Fisher Catholic High School
St. John Fisher High New Logo.jpg
Motto "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full"
Established 1956
Type Secondary school
Headteacher Sean Hayes
Location Park Lane
England Coordinates: 52°34′49″N 0°13′30″W / 52.580399°N 0.225074°W / 52.580399; -0.225074
Local authority Peterborough Unitary Authority
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18

St. John Fisher Catholic High School formerly known as St. John Fisher RC School, is situated in the city of Peterborough, England, and is the only Catholic school in Cambridgeshire. For many years the school stood on the Park Lane site; however during 2007-2009 it moved into the Reeves Way site, home to the former Hereward Community College, as the old site underwent a major transformation which aimed to improve the school's facilities and modernize its outdated infrastructure. The site is now completed, with an extension on Park Lane. The school moved back onto the Park Lane site and was reopened on Wednesday 25 February 2009.

Sixth form[edit]

Students are required to have obtained at least 5 GCSE grades from A* to C in order to take up any A level course at the school's dedicated sixth form. However, students who do not meet this criterium are given the opportunity to take a BTEC course which lasts for one year.

A Level subjects offered at St. John Fisher's Catholic High School are as follows;

  • Art and design
  • Drama and theatre studies
  • Biology
  • Business studies: Team Peterborough - Ken stimpson Community School
  • Chemistry
  • Classical civilisation
  • ICT: Team Peterborough - The Voyager School
  • English literature
  • French
  • General studies
  • Geography: Team Peterborough - Ken Stimpson Community School
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physics: Team Peterborough - The Voyager School/Ken Stimpson Community School
  • Product design: Team Peterborough - The Voyager School
  • Psychology
  • Religious studies
  • Sociology
  • Sports studies: Team Peterborough - Ken Stimpson Community School
  • Textiles
  • BTEC Business studies: Team Peterborough - Ken Stimpson Community School

The school leadership team[edit]

The school's leadership team consists of the Head Boy, the Head Girl and their deputies, all of whom are voted into office by members of the sixth form, year 11 and by school staff. The leadership team plays an important role in the school from chairing the school council to representing the school at various programmes.

2008 GCSE and A level results[edit]

These results are for the exams taken during summer 2008. The summer 2009 exam results are schedule to be released in August 2009.

The percentage of pupils passing five or more A* to C grades was 33%, down from 44% in 2007. Those including English and maths among those grades numbered 19.5%, down from 30% in 2007. However, there were some good individual performances among them – with several pupils gaining a string of A*s and As.

The A Level pass rate dropped from 97% to 87%.

The GCSE results were the worst results in St. John Fisher Catholic High School history. With the appointment of a new executive headteacher, Sean Hayes, for the academic year 2008/2009, who said to the local paper that these results were "a little disappointing".

Being placed into "special meaures"[edit]

In May 2008, The Evening Telegraph reported that some Polish students at the school were being bullied and that nothing was done about it. Following these allegations, the LEA wrote to the school advising it to take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. Shortly afterwards, it was announced that there would be an OFSTED inspection of the school.

The allegations about racist bullying were never proven but nobody seems to recall this now. If truth be known, the charges simply did not stand the test of heavy scrutiny by the inspectors. Nobody recalls the people responsible for the allegations acknowledging this or recording any retraction.

In the report that followed, the school was heavily criticised for "failing its students", especially those whose first language was not English. The sixth form, however, fared well in the inspection obtaining a "Good" score, but the OFSTED inspectors placed the school under "special measures". Thus, following growing pressure from the LEA, parents of pupils at the school and the media, the headteacher Ms. Mary Milhovilovic resigned. The board of governors was disbanded and a new Interim Executive Board backed by OFSTED took over and appointed a new Executive Headteacher in Mr. Sean Hayes, previously a deputy headteacher of a Catholic school in Ipswich.

In his address to the school assembly before the end of term, Hayes stated, “My priority is to begin the process of moving the school forward out of special measures, but I will also be preparing for the move into our new building and the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the school.”

The school is currently no longer in "special measures".

New buildings and a new look[edit]

When it was announced that the school was given funded of over fourteen million pounds to modernize their buildings and facilities Mary Milhovilovic was still the head teacher and the school was still called 'St. John Fisher RC School'. However with the departure of Mary Milhovilovic due to the school being placed in "special measures", Sean Hayes was then appointed as executive head teacher. With a change in buildings due a new executive head teacher Sean Hayes felt that the school itself needed be modernize also. The following measures were taken; the school named changed to 'St. John Fisher Catholic High School', the school time table changed from six lessons a day to four seventy minute lessons, a new uniform look and a new school logo. The school then opened on Wednesday 25 February 2009 in their old site with new facilities, buildings and a new look.

A few days later executive head teacher, Sean Hayes was appointed as permanent head teacher. Sean Hayes said: "I am delighted to have been appointed to the permanent position. St John Fisher Catholic High School is going places and I am keen to be a part of that. The last few months have been hard work but rewarding and we have made significant improvements to the school. Staff is committed to moving the school forward and we are working well as a team, so I am pleased that will continue."