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St. Joseph's College
SJC Crest.jpg
Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
Type Private
Established 1888
Principal Dr. Peter Emmanuel
Faculty 90
Grades 1-12
Enrollment 1000
Colour(s) Dark blue, green and white         
Sports Soccer, cricket, lawn tennis, basketball, swimming, field hockey, track and field, squash, boxing, badminton, softball, gymnastics, table tennis, and billiards
Affiliation ICSE, ISC
Information +91(5942) 235037, 231185, 238097
Houses      Gandhi (St. Peters)
     Nehru (St. Francis)
     Pant (St. Patricks)
     Tagore (St. Pauls)
Motto (Latin) Certa Bonum Certamen ('Fight the Good Fight')

St Joseph's College Nainital is a day boarding and residential school in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India providing public school education.


St. Joseph's College Nainital was established in 1888. The site was the location of a seminary, run by the Italian Capuchin Fathers. The seminary later reopened as a Catholic school for boys: St. Joseph's College. The school is still referred to as "SEM" (for Seminary). In 1892 four Christian Brothers took formal charge of St. Joseph's College and thus began the involvement of the Christian Brothers in the running of the school.

St. Joseph's College is one of the 20 educational institutions in India conducted by the Congregation of Christian Brothers, a pontifical institute, founded in Ireland in 1802 by Edmund Ignatius Rice - a wealthy Catholic layman, who was beatified in 1996.

Brother J. P. Murray, Br. O. A. Ballantyne play a role in the school, taking classes and involving themselves in co-curricular activities.

Boys and campus[edit]

The boys are aged between 6 and 18. Roll strength is about 960, with 360 boarders. New admissions are taken only in classes one and three. There is no intake in any other class. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and prepares students for the ICSE examinations. The school has a plus-two section for the ISC examination.

The school is at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level amidst the idyllic surroundings of Kumaon Hills.The school focuses on all round development of students and co-curricular activities are considered equally important along with studies.St.Joseph has six playing fields, a gymnasium, lawn tennis, two squash courts, basketball court, billiard tables, and a swimming pool. The school takes part in various inter-college events.The school also has a number of football teams(minis,juvies,U-18) which have earned a name for themselves over the years with consistent performance and tournament victories in their respective tournaments.St.Joseph's also hosts various inter-school events namely Edmund Rice Meet,Nirip Deep Memorial Soccer Tournament.Events like quizzes, debates, declamations and elocution are held.

School anthem[edit]

College front

You've heard of many a school I trow
And many a college too
But there is one that always is
The best for me 'n you
'Tis perched o'er Naini's lovely lake
And our dads were there of old
For a century and more 'tis known
As the home of the true and bold

'Twas called at first the good old Sem
And later SJC
And a dearer place cannot be found
At least for you and me
Its boys are hard to beat my friends
In classroom, field or fame
Their motto down the years has been
Make sure to play the game

And here's to the boys of SJC
To her children every man
And pass the word to those who'll come
Give the motto of the clan
Adown the years to fight life's fight
To fight it clean and be
Among the boys who've kept the bridge
At dear old SJC

Notable alumni[edit]

Alumni share news and other information at alumni yahoo group. A list of yahoo groups.

Armed Forces[edit]

Public Service[edit]

Civil Services and Public Sector Undertakings



  • Peter de Noronha + - philanthropist and civil servant
  • Muktesh (Micky) Pant[21] - President, Yum Restaurants International, Yum! Brands, Inc
  • Brij Raj Punj[22] - CMD, Fedders and Lloyd[23]
  • Alok K. Misra - Chairman and MD, Bank of India[24]
  • Neeraj Roy[25] - MD and CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
  • Anil Nanda - Chairman and MD, Akme Projects Ltd[26]
  • Dr. Burzoe K. Ghandhi - # Corporate Director, Material Management and Manufacturing Engineering, Outboard Marine Corp, USA
  • Dhun K. Ghandhi - # Chairman, Rallis Trading Corporation, India
  • Ashok Punj - MD, PSL Ltd.[27]
  • Anmol Dar - Managing Director, Superbrands,[28] India
  • Ajit Singh Gill[29] - CEO, Energy Systems, Santa Clara, USA
  • Nippi Kochhar - CEO, Société Générale, India[30]
  • Bikram Kochhar - # Country Head, Citibank, Columbia
  • Vinit Joshi[31] - Managing Director, Citibank, UK[32]
  • Harkirat Singh - # Head, Standard Chartered Bank & Rabobank.
  • Larry Malarkar - General Manager, Oberoi Hotels & Director (Marketing)[33]
  • Vijay Sharma - Director, Crescent Investments, UK[34]
  • Rahul Kansal - CMO, Bennett Coleman & Company Limited[35]
  • Mick Hogg - Head, Project Lighting, NSW, Australia[36]
  • Suhel Seth - CEO, Equus and Partner Counselage
  • Shakti Lumba - Executive Director, Indigo Airlines
  • Raymond Noronha - Managing Director, Vazir Sultan Industries, Hyderabad
  • Saeed Shervani - MD, Shervani Hospitality Ltd.[37]
  • Sergio Freitas - CEO, Betts India Ltd, Goa
  • Neeraj Sharma - Managing Director, Kone Elevators, Chennai
  • Manvendra Singh Bhandari - Managing Director, Him Furnitech
  • Abdus Sattar (Nini) - Chairman, GMG Airlines, Bangladesh
  • Purvez Bilimoria - Chief Legal Counsel, PepsiCo International, Australia
  • Anant Shekhar Chandola - Director New Businesses, United Colours of Benetton, India
  • Jagdish Thackersey - Chairman, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai
  • Anil Pathak - CEO, Paracor Capital Advisors, Chairman Cookie Man, Chairman Peirce & Leslie Travels, Vice-Chairman, PL Worldways
  • Sachin Thussu – Head, Equity & Equity Derivatives, Collateralised Trading, Standard Chartered Bank, London, UK.
  • Ashok K Daga - CEO, Valuefacture Systems Pvt. Ltd; Human Resource Consultant & Trainer
  • Rajesh Kapoor MD, Centre for Growth Alternatives, Gurgaon.

Education/Fine Arts/Publication[edit]

  • Jack (Phut) Sexton + - # Dean of Medicine, Aberdeen University.
  • Sorab K. Ghandhi - Prof. Emeritus of Electrophysics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. Author of 180 research papers and four engineering books[38]
  • Jamshed K.S. Ghandhi - Prof. Emeritus of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA[39]
  • Prof. Peter Ronald deSouza[40] - Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study,[41] Shimla
  • Prof. Dr. Victor Smetacek - Marine biologist, Germany; Scientist NIO[42]
  • Prof. Dr. Sunil Saxena - Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, USA[43]
  • Prof. Alfred Menezes - Dept. of Combinatorics & Optimization, University of Waterloo[44]
  • Prof. Dr. Amit Abraham - Head, Post-graduate Dept. of Psychology, St. John's College, Agra and Author[45][46]
  • Prof. Dr. Ranjan Roy[47] - Prof. Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, Beloit College, USA and Author[48]
  • Prof. Atul Dar[49] - Prof. of Economics, Sobey School of Business, SMU, Canada and Author[50]
  • Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali +[51] - # Director, Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur
  • Arun Sahay - Process Management Expert, Faculty FOSTIIMA[52]
  • Mohinder Jankiraman[53] - Noted Wireless Communication expert, Scientist of the year (1985) and Author[54]
  • Naseeruddin Shah - Film actor; recipient of Padma Bhushan
  • Neelesh Misra - songwriter, journalist and author[55]
  • Suhel Seth-Actor
  • Manoj Joshi- Editor, Mail Today
  • Ben J. Pires - journalist and human right activist, Canada[56]
  • Kiranjit Singh Rana - MD, Hunter House Publishers, San Francisco, USA[57]
  • Enver Masud - founder and CEO, The Wisdom Fund
  • Anil Aurora - Promoter, Gaia Schools
  • Shawn Arranha - Bollywood Director
  • Abhi Chaturvedi- Former Editor, Post Graduate Association of University Of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Dr(Surgeon Commander) Kiranjit Singh, Consultant Internal Medicine, Jehangir-Apollo Hospital, Pune, India. Ex Associate Professor, Dept of Medicine, Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune, India
  • Abhishek Patrick - Director, Jesus and Mary Academy, Patna, India



  • Jim Corbett + - British-Indian Hunter, Conservationist & Author[61]
  • Dr. Ashok Daftry - Specialist, Geriatric and Internal Medicine, MD: St. Joseph's Medical Center,[62] USA
  • Dr. Ravi Roy - Homoeopathic Doctor, Author of several best sellers in Homoepathy,[63] Germany
  • Dr. A.S.Rawat - Recipient of Order of the Golden Ark, Netherlands
  • G.S. Bindra - Chairman, Indo-Irish Friendship Council.[64]
  • Sajeeb Wazed - Young Global Leaders (World Economic Forum); son of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Premier
  • Vijay V Virk - # equitation instructor

# = Former
+ = Deceased
^ = Retired


SEM from Tiffin Top

The school's magnificent buildings have featured in Indian films. The best known, which have won numerous awards are Masoom (winner of 4 Filmfare awards) and Koi Mil Gaya (winner of 5 Filmfare awards). Others are Himalay Putra, a short documentary titled Mahatma and some music videos.

See also[edit]

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