St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton

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St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton

St Paul's Cathedral, Rockhampton is both the cathedral of the Diocese of Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia, and the parish church of Rockhampton city.

Designed by government architects A. W. Voysey and F. Scarr, the building consists of a square two storey nave and small end presbytery, with single storey side aisles and a detached wooden bell tower. St Paul’s is the oldest stone building in the Rockhampton town centre, replacing a previous wooden building which was destroyed by a cyclone.

Construction of the cathedral building began in 1875 and was completed in 1883. It was dedicated by Bishop Matthew Hale of Brisbane on 18 October 1883. The church was consecrated on 20 June 1911 by Bishop George Halford and was to become the first public building in Rockhampton to be lit by electricity.

The bell tower, designed by local architect Eddie Hegvold, was constructed in 1947 to commemorate the end of World War II and it houses a peal of eight bells cast by Gillet & Johnson of Croydon in England. An internal chapel also commemorates the war.

The cathedral's organ was built by J. W. Walker & Sons Ltd and installed in 1965, replacing the 1883 instrument built by Joshua Porritt of Leicester.

Deans of Rockhampton[edit]

  • 2010–present: Lindsay Howie
  • 1990-?2010: Christopher Gordon Whittall
  • John Bayton


Coordinates: 23°22′53″S 150°30′46″E / 23.3815°S 150.5127°E / -23.3815; 150.5127