St Sepulchre's Cemetery

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Not to be confused with Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
St Sepulchre's Cemetery
St Sepulchre's cemetery, Walton Street, Oxford - - 267891.jpg
View of St Sepulchre's Cemetery.
Year established 1849
Location Jericho, Oxford
Country United Kingdom
Type Public (closed)
Size ?
Number of graves ?
The entrance to St Sepulchre's Cemetery.
Benjamin Jowett, buried in St Sepulchre's Cemetery.

St Sepulchre's Cemetery is located in Jericho, central Oxford, England.

This cemetery was opened in Walton Street, Oxford in 1848 as a parish cemetery for four of the twelve parishes of Oxford (St Giles, St Paul, St Michael, and St Mary Magdalen). All the existing Oxford churchyards were overcrowded after many hundreds of years of burials, and two other cemeteries Osney Cemetery and Holywell Cemetery.[1] were opened in the same year to cater for the other eight Oxford parishes. In 1855, new burials were forbidden in all Oxford city churchyards, apart from in existing vaults.

The cemetery was originally surrounded on two sides by the Lucy factory, the former Eagle Ironworks, but this industrial site has now been redeveloped for housing.

St Sepulchre's Cemetery itself became overcrowded later in Victorian times.[2]

The cemetery is now unused, but the Friends of St Sepulchre's Cemetery are clearing the graves.

Before the cemetery was created, Walton Manor Farm used to be on this site.[3]

Access to the cemetery is through iron gates off Walton Street.

Notable burials[edit]

People buried here include:

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