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Green Line terminus on Stephen's Green West

St Stephen's Green is a terminus station of the Dublin LUAS (tram) system. Plans under the Transport 21 initiative prescribe further development for the station, incorporating integration into heavy and light rail networks.


At present, St Stephen's Green serves as the northern terminus of the Luas Green Line to Sandyford, with the stop located on the western side of St Stephen's Green. St Stephen's Green is the closest point between the LUAS Green and Red Lines.[1]

Cross city line[edit]

Luas Cross City Green Line extension
BroombridgeIarnród Éireann
Broadstone - D.I.T.
Dominick Street
Parnell Street
O'Connell Street Upper
O'Connell Street - GPO
Marlborough Street
Red Line
Westmoreland Street
Dawson Street
St Stephen's Green
Green Line to Bride's Glen

An extension of the LUAS Green Line is planned to cross the River Liffey, and intersect with the Red Line at the junction between O'Connell Street and Abbey Street and terminate at Broombridge (in Cabra) to interconnect with the Irish Rail Broombridge railway station.[2]

On 10 November 2011, the government announced in its 2012–16 Infrastructure and Capital Investment plan that the project to link the Red and Green lines, known as BXD, was to proceed. No other new lines or extensions are being funded.[3][4] Construction work for the bridge across the River Liffey (connecting Marlborough St and Hawkins St) began in April 2012, which the southbound Luas BXD track will be laid on.[5] A Railway Order was granted by ABP for the Luas BXD line on 3 August 2012. Work on building the line is expected to commence in 2013 with services beginning in 2017.[6]

Future transport links[edit]


Plans for the proposed Dublin Metro called for St Stephen's Green to be utilised as the southern terminus of a line to Belinstown. These plans included a deep-bore tunnel for the north-western corner of the park. This was originally scheduled to open in 2013,[7] but was subsequently indefinitely deferred.[8]


Similar plans for a DART network extension proposed an underground stop at St Stephen's Green. Though originally planned to start in 2015,[9] these plans were similarly deferred.[8]


Preceding station   Luas   Following station
Terminus   Green Line   Harcourt
towards Bride's Glen
towards Broombridge
  Green Line   Harcourt
towards Bray or Fassaroe
  Iarnród Éireann  
Dublin Pearse   DART
Line 2
  Dublin Metro  
Terminus   Metro North   O'Connell Bridge


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