St Tugual's Chapel

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St Tugual's Chapel
The door leading into St Tugual's Chapel
The entrance to St Tugual's Chapel
Basic information
Geographic coordinates 49°28′18″N 2°26′57″W / 49.4717°N 2.4492°W / 49.4717; -2.4492Coordinates: 49°28′18″N 2°26′57″W / 49.4717°N 2.4492°W / 49.4717; -2.4492
Affiliation None
Region None
State States of Guernsey

St Tugual's Chapel is a non-denominational and non-consecrated chapel[1] which dates from the 11th century.[2] It is located on Herm,[3] the smallest of the Channel Islands open to the public.[4] The Chapel is currently listed on the Register of Ancient Monuments and Protected Buildings for the States of Guernsey.[2]


The chapel dates from the 11th century;[2] but it has been suggested that the site has been of religious significance from the 6th century.[1] It is uncertain if the chapel was named after Saint Tugual because he visited Herm; or if it was so called by Tugual's followers.[1]

The current chapel was built by Norman monks who lived on the island.[1]

When the Wood family took over the island's lease in 1949, they re-opened parts of the chapel; and cleared several windows.[1]

The Chapel featured on a 1970 stamp.[5]

Restoration work[edit]

In 2010 and 2011, the chapel was closed for restoration work, in which there was re-roofing,[6] repointing, re-rendering, and drainage installation.[2] The States of Guernsey are responsible for the chapel's upkeep.[6] The chapel re-opened with a special re dedication service in May 2011.[7]


During the works; two skeletons were found; that of an adult and that of a child.[7] The skeletons were originally estimated to be between 400 and 500 years old.[7] Soon, three more part skeletons were expected to be excavated;[8] but eventually, within a 15m sq area; 40[9] skeletons were found,[10] around 50% were children.[9] The skeletons were taken to Guernsey by a team led by Philip de Jersey, then were returned to Herm for burial. The earliest bones dated were from the second half of the 10th century.[9]


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