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Stacey Hollywood
Born North Carolina, USA
Occupation club promoter, nightclub personality, performance artist, actor, model

Stacey Hollywood (born in North Carolina) is an American transexual woman, actor, model, and well-known LGBT nightclub personality. In West Hollywood during the 1990s she became a prominent club promoter, hosting full-to-capacity nights at Club Arena, one of the largest nightclubs in Los Angeles. She was featured on a popular 1998 house music club dance track with Club Arena's resident DJ Irene that was originally released on vinyl and later on a CD compilation.[1][2]

Stacey Hollywood is the subject of Parris Patton's 1999 documentary Creature, an in-depth look at the young life and transformation of this transexual woman who grew up in rural North Carolina and moved to Hollywood.[3] The film follows her over four years and includes interviews with her conservative Christian parents.[4][5] It was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary[6] and received a nomination for Best Documentary at the Chicago International Film Festival.[7]


  • Weatha Beatin Hoochie Bitch (1998)[1]
  • Weatha Beatin Hoochie Bitch 2005 (2005)[8]



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