Stade du Rhône

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Stade du Rhône
2013 IPC Athletics World Championships - Oliveira.jpg
Alan Oliveira leads the field at the Stade du Rhône during the 2013 IPC World Championships.
Location Parc de Parilly
Coordinates 45°43′05″N 04°53′41″W / 45.71806°N 4.89472°W / 45.71806; -4.89472Coordinates: 45°43′05″N 04°53′41″W / 45.71806°N 4.89472°W / 45.71806; -4.89472
Surface Track and field (grass)

Stade du Rhône is an athletics stadium located in the Parc de Parilly in the commune of Venissieux in Lyon, France.


The Stadium was initially built as the Parilly Stadium, but it was renamed Stade du Rhône in 2012 after a major renovation in preparation for the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships. The newly development was inaugurated on 3 September 2012 and the main grandstand was named Tribune Tony Bertrand.[1]


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