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Stadion Miejski (Łódź City Stadium), also known as Stadion LKS, is a multi-purpose stadium in Łódź, Poland. Currently, its main use is for football matches. The stadium, with a capacity of 12,160, was built in 1975. The ground has hosted football games since 1925.

A new 16,500-seat stadium is planned on the same site.[1] Support for the project has been undermined by the re-call election of the Lodz City President in early 2010. The interim president has questioned the cost of the stadium. The city has also announced a public auction for their stake in the club as they can no longer afford to cover the clubs loses. The future of the project is therefore uncertain.[2]


Coordinates: 51°45′27.5″N 19°25′39″E / 51.757639°N 19.42750°E / 51.757639; 19.42750