Stadium Bowl

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Stadium Bowl
Tacoma - Stadium High School pano 06.jpg
Location Tacoma, Washington
Owner City of Tacoma (?)
Capacity 15,000
Opened 1910
Woodrow Wilson High School and Stadium High School

The Stadium Bowl, originally known as Tacoma Stadium, is a 15,000-seat stadium located in Tacoma, Washington. The stadium plays host to the American football teams for both Woodrow Wilson High School and Stadium High School.


The stadium is located next to Stadium High School with views of Commencement Bay and the Puget Sound. It was designed by Frederick Heath.

Originally opened in 1910, the stadium had a capacity of 32,000. It has hosted concerts and events for Louis Armstrong, John Pershing, Marshal Foch, Babe Ruth, Billy Sunday, William Jennings Bryan, and United States Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Warren Harding. It was recently chosen as one of the best high school football stadiums in the United States by ESPN.[1]


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