Stadium Freeway (Wisconsin)

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Stadium Freeway
Route information
Maintained by WisDOT
US 41
WIS 341
Major junctions
South end: WIS 59 in West Milwaukee
  I-94 in Milwaukee
North end: Lisbon Avenue
Highway system

The Stadium Freeway is a six-lane divided highway running north–south in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This freeway was the first road of its kind built in Milwaukee County. It is designated as US Highway 41 (US 41) along its northern stretch from Interstate 94 (I-94) to Lisbon Avenue. The southern stretch from I-94 to National Avenue is Highway 341 (WIS 341), also called Miller Park Way, which is an unsigned highway that runs adjacent to the east side of Miller Park, home of Major League Baseball's Milwaukee Brewers.


This freeway is the stump of what was to be a much larger freeway in Milwaukee. The Stadium Freeway, originally called the South 44th Street Expressway, was intended to extend much further to the north and south than it currently does:

  • The Stadium Freeway was to continue southward from its present terminus at National Avenue, and terminate at I-43/I-894. In fact, the interchange that was supposed to connect the Stadium Freeway to the Airport Freeway (I-43/I-894) was built entirely as the Greenfield Interchange. The interchange has since been renovated by having one of the ramps (Eastbound I-894/I-43 to Northbound Stadium Freeway) removed, while three other ramps connect to a park and ride.[1] In 2012 during the reconstruction of the Mitchell Interchange and the WIS 241/South 27th Street exit, another ramp (Southbound Stadium Freeway to Westbound I-894/I-43) was removed. This currently leaves only two ramps remaining to the original interchange.

Exit list[edit]

The entire route is in Milwaukee County.

Location Mile km Destinations Notes
West Milwaukee WIS 59
Milwaukee I-94 / US 41 Exit 308C on I-94; WIS 341 ends and US 41 joins the Stadium Freeway
US 18
Martin Drive, Alois Drive Signed for Martin Drive northbound and Alois Drive southbound
Washington Boulevard Northbound exit only
Lloyd Street Northbound exit and entrance only
US 41 (Lisbon Avenue)

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