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Stadler Rail AG (also Stadler Rail Group), based in Bussnang, Switzerland, is a manufacturer of locomotives and other rolling stock.

In 1942 Ernst Stadler founded the Stadler Engineering Office which later became Stadler Rail.


  • Bussnang (CH); site of original factory 1962
Stadler Bussnang AG
Stadler Altenrhein AG
  • Berlin-Pankow (D); acquired in 2000/2001 from Adtranz
Stadler Pankow GmbH
  • Biel/Bienne (CH); 2004 acquired by bid
Stadler Stahlguss AG
  • Siedlce (PL); 2007 acquired by
Stadler Polska Sp.z o.o.
Stadler Weiden GmbH
Stadler Winterthur AG


Tango tram in Zürich

Stadler markets a range of standard modular vehicles, including:

Stadler has also built a number of custom vehicles for specific customers, in some cases including elements of their standard designs. These include:


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