Stalking the Angel

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Stalking the Angel
Author Robert Crais
Country United States
Language English
Series Elvis Cole series
Genre Detective fiction
Publisher Bantam
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 288 pp
ISBN 0-553-28644-7
Preceded by The Monkey's Raincoat
Followed by Lullaby Town

Stalking the Angel is a 1989 detective novel by Robert Crais. It is the second in a series of linked novels centering on the private investigator Elvis Cole.


  • Elvis Cole – Private Detective, protagonist
  • Joe Pike – Elvis' partner, former cop

Warren family and friends, partners, and employees[edit]

  • Bradley Warren – hires Elvis Cole to find the Hagakure; president of Warren Investments Corporation
  • Jillian Becker – Bradley's assistant
  • Sheila Warren – Bradley's wife
  • Mimi Warren – daughter of Bradley and Sheila
  • Traci Louise Fishman – friend of Mimi Warren
  • Mr. Tashiro – head of the Tashiro family who gave the Hagakure to Bradley Warren
  • Hatcher – security at Warren's home
  • Jack Ellis (boss) and Davis – security at a hotel of Bradley Warren


  • Yuki Torobuni – L.A.'s yakuza boss and owner of Mr. Moto's
  • Nobu Ishida – owns an import business in Little Tokyo and is a member of the yakuza
  • Eddie Tang – one of Nobu Ishida's guys and Mimi's lover

Gray Army[edit]

  • Kira Asano – artist and head of Gray Shield Enterprises and the Gray Army
  • Frank and Bobby – Kira Asano's security
  • Carol and Kerri – friends of Mimi Warren and followers of Kira Asano
  • Joan – another follower of Kira Asano



  • Carol Hillegas – runs a halfway house for kids
  • Berke Feldstein – works at Art Werks Gallery
  • Malcom Denning and Barbara – work at Sun Tree Gallery
  • Rick Barton – owner of Barton's Pistol Range
  • Richards Sangoise – a dope dealer
  • Eddie Ditko – works at the Herald Examiner