Stan Lee's Mighty 7

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Mighty 7
Group publication information
Publisher Stan Lee Comics
(Archie Comics)
First appearance Stan Lee' Mighty 7 #1 (March 2012)
Created by Stan Lee
In-story information
Member(s) Strongarm
Laser Lord
High Rise
Hip Hop
Lady Lightning
Silver Sparrow[1]
Stan Lee's Mighty 7
Series publication information
Schedule bimonthly
Format limited
Genre Superhero comics
Publication date March 2012
Creative team
Writer(s) Stan Lee
Tony Blake
Paul Jackson
Artist(s) Alex Saviuk
Creator(s) Stan Lee

Stan Lee's Mighty 7 is a fictional superhero team published as a Stan Lee Comics line comic book title.[2][3]

The concept is that Stan Lee is a character in the story, as himself, who runs into two groups of aliens that he mentors to be a superhero team while he uses them to write comic books.[2]

Comic book[edit]

In February 2010, the Stan Lee Comics print and digital comic book line was announced with the first title "Stan Lee's Super Seven" plan to be launched in July. Tom DeFalco was initially chosen as the main author. In the fall, animated webisodes were expected to start up.[4] In August, Super7, a toy manufacturer, sued over Stan Lee's Super Seven for trademark infringement.[5]

In March 2012, the first issue of renamed "Stan Lee's Mighty 7" six issue miniseries was published.[2] Only three issues were printed because of interest in using the concept for a possible animated series or movie trilogy.[6]

Animated film[edit]

Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings
Based on Stan Lee's Mighty 7 
by Stan Lee
Distributed by Hub Network
Release dates
  • February 1, 2014 (2014-02-01)
Country United States

In April 2012, Stan Lee's Mighty 7 was slated to be developed into media formats via A Squared Elxsi Entertainment LLC (A2E2). A2E2 is a joint-venture between A Squared Entertainment (A2) and Tata Elxsi[7] formed in January 2011 which Elxsi ends in October 2012.[8]

In September 2012, A2 signed a foreign distribution agreement with PGS Entertainment for its programming library, including the Mighty 7 pliot animated movie with a possible 26 episode pickup.[9] Also, Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment was signed on as home video distributor and Hub Network as its world television premiere channel.[1]

PGS Entertainment was shopping Mighty 7 as a trilogy of animated movies at MIP-TV in April 2013.[10] According to, in addition to Lee voicing himself, the voice cast includes "Armie Hammer as Strong Arm, the superhero with super strength; Christian Slater as Lazer Lord, the superhero who hurls balls of laser energy; Mayim Bialik as Lady Lightning who possesses super speed; Teri Hatcher as Silver Skylark, the superhero who flies; Flea as Roller Man, who rolls into a big ball and launches at high speed; Darren Criss as Micro, who shrinks in size; and Sean Astin as Kid Kinergy whose superpower is telekinesis. Additional voices include Jim Belushi as Mr. Cross, the leader of a covert operations military division assigned to investigate UFO sightings; and Michael Ironside as Xanar, the leader of the warring aliens from the planet Taegon who enslave other planets and raid their natural resources."[11]

In November 2013, A2 International merged with Genius Brands with the Heywards of A2 taking over management of the post-merger Genius Brands.[12]

On March 16, 2013, Hub Network announced its pick up of "Stan Lee's Mighty 7" animated pilot movie. It premiered on February 1, 2014.[13] On April 15, "Stan Lee's Mighty 7: Beginnings" was released on DVD and Blu-ray.[14]


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